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Now you can join the Marvel Universe like Jon Hamm and Eminem, thanks to a new contest

Marvel is offering fans the chance to be drawn into upcoming comic books as part of a promotional push for comic stores

Jon Hamm X-Men
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In the past, the opportunity to cross over from the real world to the Marvel comic universe has been something reserved for comic book insiders — how many comics did Stan Lee appear in? — or the rich and famous. Who else remembers Jon Hamm’s unexpected cameo in 2022’s X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1, or Eminem teaming up with the Punisher for reasons that we still don’t quite understand? But this summer, one fan will get to see their dreams come true with Marvel launching a new contest that will allow one person to find themselves drawn into a Marvel comic.

The contest is part of a new promotional program launching this May to encourage fans to visit their local comic store, tied to this year’s Free Comic Book Day event — which takes place May 4 in participating stores around the world. Details about the contest remain under wraps for now, but comic retailers were informed late March that they’d be receiving postcards to give out to customers that would offer the opportunity to be drawn into an upcoming comic book.

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The contest won’t merely rely on existing comic store attendees, however; according to Marvel’s notice to retailers, Marvel Insider — Marvel’s U.S.-only membership program, which offers points that can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise and other opportunities — will also be part of the promotion, with a second wave of postcards released to stores at a later date to continue the contest.

More details will be released in upcoming weeks — after all, FCBD 2024 is just five weeks away as we write these words. Of course, your local comic book store is available all year ‘round, and if you need help to find your local store, this might be able to help.

This Could Be You Contest
Image credit: Marvel

Want to know more about Free Comic Book Day 2024? We’ve got a guide to help you with that right here.

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