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Marvel Comics' Next Big Thing panel at SDCC '22

With news about Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man, Ghost Rider, and more

Avengers #61 cover
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A common question that follows your favorite comics, movies, and TV shows is 'what's next' - and Marvel's recurring convention circuit panel Marvel Comics' Next Big Thing aims to answer that.

Here now at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Marvel is presenting another edition of Marvel Comics' Next Big Thing - looking ahead at what's to come. The publisher has informed us to spext news about Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man, and Ghost Rider in particular, as well as the teased Spider-Man/X-Men clone saga event Dark Web. To that end, announced to appear are Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, Venom and Carnage writer Ram V, Iron Man writer Christopher Cantwell, editors Darren Shan and Luaren Bisom, Marvel Comics vice president/executive editor Nick Lowe, and editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski.

Popverse will be liveblogging the entire panel as it happens, so bookmark this page to keep up to date with everything as it happens, or come back when the panel is completed to read about the event in its entirety.

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Our live coverage of this event has finished.

The panel starts in 15 minutes
The panelists have entered the stage.
They are introducing the panelists.
Hickman is on the panel even though he left Marvel. What are they going to announce?
They kick off the panel to discuss Iron Man.
They are starting a new noir story with "Source Control" asking who should have weapons.
Iron Man is going stealth, and this arc will bring in the Mandaorin rings in a new way
This is all leading into Iron Man #25 - Legacy #650, which will be Cantwell's last issue on Iron Man.
In this issue there will be an Iron Man day.
It's a basic story where Tony tries to save one person. It's a personal issue and a fun send off for Cantwell.
Moon Girl is looking for Devil Dinosaur and will have a team up book to find him.
Devil Dinosaur has been cloned
Jordan Ifueko and Alba Glex is launching a Moon Girl Devil Dinosaur book
Can Moon Girl make friends?
Dylan will learn the secrets of his own origins in the upcoming Venom story.
Sleeper Agent will appear.
Dylan will face his father in issues 11 and 12 with some interesting consequences.
At the end of their arcs Carnage and Venom will collide
Lowe teases that Ram V's plans for the upcoming years for Venom and Carnage is insane.
Ram V is lucky to write Carange because he gets to go anywhere he wants to go.
Tradd Moore (Luthor Strode and Silver Surfer Black) is writing and drawing Doctor Strange Fall Sunrise
After Silver Surfer Black, Marvel wanted to be "more" in the Tradd Moore business. They asked what he wanted to do and he said Doctor Strange.
It's a trippy book!
There is a new Infinity Comics book called Love Unlimited. First arc is about Viv Vision
They will be soon launching a Marvel Voices track for Infinity Comics
Viv will get a romance story!
We got a giveaway at the panel for the upcoming Dark Web Spidey arc - it was even bagged and boarded.
It's a variant cover for New Mutants
Ghost Rider will meet up with an FBI agent that's been chasing him in November's issue and it looks like there's some romance
Ghost Rider 2099 will be in Vengeance Forever
It's stories from the past to the future
There's an old west Ghost Rider that has never been seen before and there are even more new Ghost Riders.
Captain America is about grounding the character again while doing their own Natural Treasure plot. They go deep into the history of Cap's shield
In every issue there are codes for fans to figure out
Something big happens in Captain America #5 that has to do with Bucky and Cap's relationship. In #6 there is a huge change in their relationship.
Jason Aaron and Bryan Hitch are working on Avengers Assemble Alpha
They are tying different Avengers together and that comes to a head here. Avengers and Avengers Forever collide!
Lowe teases that this story goes BIG!
Your favorite Avenger will be guarenteed to show up in this story
At the end of Shang Chi's series he inherited the 10 rings, and this new book focuses on how that affects his life. He doesn't want them!
Shang Chi's rogue gallery from the 80s and 90s will return. In issue 5 the origin of the rings will be revealed.
Cantwell may be leaving Iron Man, but now he's jumping onto Namor.
The original Human Torch will show up in this book.
There's a fun Invaders reunion in this book.
Chris Cantwell and Lan Medina is on a new series, Gold Goblin
Norman Osborn is Gold Goblin. Some of this will be spinning out of Dark Web
This will follow the threads from Sin Eater shooting his many sins away. He now feels guilty for his sins.
This will connect to the flagship Spider-Man series
Chris says, Gold Goblin looks like 70’s Elvis
The panel is teasing Dark Web - Venom is a huge part. MJ and Black cat will also be part of it.
Hallow's Eve is a new villain from Dark Web
Some changes are happening with the Fantastic Four when Dan Slott leaves
The book will be relaunched with a new creative team the teaser has clues to who the team is
Hickman and Schiti teaser for his new book - "What happens when the powers that be meet the natural order of things?"
Hickman has been working on this for 3 years
Hickman teases, "It's Sandman for the Marvel universe"
It's Q&A time!
This is a quick lightning round as there is little time left
Amazing Fantasy #1000 was the hardest book for Lowe to edit
Marvel Voices Identity was a hard book to edit because the editor put too much of their soul into it
And that's a wrap!

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