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Marvel launches exclusive Nova Hasbro figure for Unlimited plus members only

This year's Marvel Unlimited membership kit includes Skottie Young Rocket Raccoon pin, Hasbro Nova figure, and more

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It's Nova time. Well, is it? While it may seem strange that Marvel is releasing a limited edition Hasbro Marvel Legends figure of the hero in Galactus' year of 2023, hardcore Richard Rider fans will doubtlessly be excited to land an exclusive figure wearing what seems to be Nova's New Warriors costume from the nineties.

How do you get your hands on this sweet sweet Nova figure, you might be asking? Well, you have to be a Marvel Unlimited Annual Plus member. This means that you're paying for your Marvel Unlimited in full with the opt up to the $99 per year fee. This ensures that you get the yearly limited edition membership kit. This year's kit includes:

  • Limited Edition Hasbro Marvel Legends Nova figure not available anywhere else!
  • Classic Rocket Raccoon by Skottie Young Pin
  • Loki (2023) #1 Mike McKone Variant Comic
  • Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #1 Bengal Variant Comic
  • Loki Broken Horn Helmet Patch

Beyond these collectables, your Marvel Unlimited membership gets you access to Marvel's online comics reading platform, which features over 30,000 digital comics. You'll also get invites and access to Marvel events as well as 10% off of Marvel merch and more at shopDisney.com.

Now if you want an annual membership without the kit and you haven't subscribed to Marvel Unlimited before, you can get a discounted deal of $1 a week for your first year if you use code GALA23 during checkout. If you have subscribed to Marvel Unlimited before and don't want the kit, you can subscribe to the basic $69 a year plan.

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