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Marvel E-i-C CB Cebulski leads Marvel Fanfare panel at SDCC '22

Popverse brings you live coverage from the Marvel Fanfare panel at San Diego Comic Con

As editor-in-chief, he’s been the man at the center of the Marvel Universe for almost the last five years, and now C.B. Cebulski has arrived at San Diego Comic-Con with all the answers to the questions on every single fan of the House of Ideas… and maybe some surprises, as well.

Cebulski will be holding court in this Friday afternoon panel, responding to fans’ queries with some facts, some teases, and what’s being teased as a “special guest,” to boot. Just who is going to show up, and what are they going to be working on…? We have been told it's Skottie Young, but we're not putting it past Marvel to have other plans as well.

Popverse is going to be liveblogging everything from Cebulski’s entrance onstage to his exit, including whatever unexpected goodies might be coming our way in the process. Bookmark the page to keep up to date with news and gossip as it breaks, or come back after the fact to read everything as it happened.

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Graeme McMillan

Graeme McMillan: Popverse Editor Graeme McMillan (he/him) has been writing about comics, culture, and comics culture on the internet for close to two decades at this point, which is terrifying to admit. He completely understands if you have problems understanding his accent.


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