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Marvel's Free Comic Book Day 2024 centers on Dracula & vampires vs. Avengers with Blood Hunt

It's gonna suck for Marvel heroes in 2024 with Blood Hunt

Blood Hunt
Image credit: Leinil Francis Yu/Sunny Gho (Marvel Comics)

2024 is going to suck for Marvel heroes, thanks to an impending horde of vampires set to swarm Marvel Comics for the upcoming crossover event 'Blood Hunt.' Announced at New York Comic Con 2023, Blood Hunt will be one of (if not the) big event for Marvel Comics in 2024 - so big in fact it's going to be the centerpiece of the publisher's Free Comic Book Day 2024 plans.

"Essentially the world has been caught by surprise by vampires and shadowy creatures," says Blood Hunt overseeing writer Jed MacKay tells Popverse. "['Blood Hunt'] is an ambush on the entire planet. There is tone of desperation. Desperation I think would be the largest theme there, but the superheroes are going to rally. They're going to fight the good fight, no matter how dark the skies are, no matter how bleak the odds are."

At current estimation, the 'Blood Hunt' crossover event will run through the ongoing Avengers, Moon Knight, and Doctor Strange series (which MacKay also writes). Additional unnamed ongoing books will also have tie-in issues, and there will also be various 'Blood Hunt'-specific miniseries and one-shots.

This crossover event comes as vampires become more of a focus for Marvel as a whole. If you recall, Mahershala Ali's Blade movie was originally set to be filming right now for a intended release date of September 6, 2024 - which would coincide with the culmination of a 2024 comic book event like 'Blood Hunt.' Due to the various strikes and issues with the script, the Blade film has been delayed until February 14, 2025 - which would give 'Blood Hunt' time to come out, and be collected and on bookshelves worldwide.

Look for 'Blood Hunt' to begin May 4, 2024 with a Free Comic Book Day special - although look for various lead-ins and preludes any day now.

Marvel's upcoming Blood Hunt event: Spider-Man, the Avengers, and Doctor Strange take on a vampire uprising

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