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Marvel to reboot The Avengers in May with an all-new, classic, line-up

The new series will spin out of events from last December's Timeless special

Avengers #1 variant cover
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Jason Aaron’s 6-year tenure with the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is wrapping up, but Marvel has already announced what’s to follow: a new ongoing series by Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa featuring an all-new… yet classic… team roster celebrating the group’s 60th anniversary.

The new series will feature an Avengers line-up led by Captain Marvel that features Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, and the Vision, with a storyline that follows last December’s Timeless #1, and sees the team deal with the mystery of the “Missing Moment” that even Kang could not uncover the truth behind.

"I'm extremely excited to be launching the latest chapter of Avengers with my old Black Cat teammate C.F. Villa!” MacKay said in a statement provided by the publisher. “I grew up on the Avengers, weaving in and out of their 60s and 70s exploits as a kid, and having the opportunity to plot the course of Earth's Mightiest Heroes is a rush, especially coming from the street-level and/or weirdo niche I've been working in over the last couple of years. This is big, loud Avengers stuff—nothing in this story should ever feel small or inconsequential, and our lineup reflects that. Heavy hitters and iconic Avengers are to the fore—The Tribulation Events are coming, and only the Avengers can take them on."

The Avengers isn't the only high profile gig that the in demand MacKay is relaunching for Marvel this Spring; he's also behind an upcoming relaunch of Doctor Strange, scheduled for March.

While Villa is attached to the series for interior art, Stuart Immonen is returning to Marvel for the first time in years to provide cover artwork for the run. His cover for the first issue, to be released May 17, can be seen in full in the gallery below, alongside all the variant covers released so far.

Additionally, Marvel has released preview artwork from inside the issue by C.F. Villa and Federico Blee, which shows Marvel Earth’s Mightiest Heroes take on… the relatively obscure 1980s Fantastic Four villain Terminus…?!?

More information about The Avengers #1 will be released as the series’ May 17 launch approaches.

Want to catch up on Timeless before the new Avengers series starts? We have the perfect place to start, right here.

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