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Marvel launches romance anthology webcomic, starting with Ms. Marvel & Dagger

Love Unlimited is a new romance anthology webcomic on Marvel Unlimited starring Ms. Marvel, Wolverine, Wiccan, and more!

Marvel Comics has just announced a new anthology series on Marvel Unlimited titled Love Unlimited. As the title of the series promises, this webcomic anthology will focus specifically on romance! The series launches today with Ms. Marvel & Red Dagger, a six-part series which focuses on the burgeoning relationship between Ms. Marvel and Red Dagger since they shared that kiss.

Here's a rundown of the stories in Marvel's Love Unlimited:

Ms. Marvel & Red Dagger

Ms. Marvel & Red Dagger's creative team includes writer Nadia Shammas, artist Natacha Bustos, letterer Ariana Maher, and editor Alanna Smith. The synopsis of Ms. Marvel & Red Dagger reads, "Ms. Marvel and Red Dagger have shared a kiss…but not their secret identities! When they team up to investigate a series of relic thefts, the chemistry is off the scale. Will they find the courage to take off the masks and give love a chance?"

Viv Vision

Ms. Marvel & Red Dagger will be followed by Viv Vision, by writer Marieke Nijkamp, artist Federico Sabbatini, letterer Ariana Maher, and editor Alanna Smith. The synopsis for Viv Vision reads, "Teen synthezoid Viv Vision has long been unlucky in love. But when she’s swept along on the world’s strangest first date by a girl who makes her feel like she’s malfunctioning, her fortunes may be about to change…"

Millie the Spy

Post Viv Vision, we'll get Millie the Spy with a creative team of writer Stephanie Phillips, artist Nick Roche, letterer Ariana Maher, and editor Annalise Bissa. The synopsis promises, " Millie Collins’ ultra-glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle is the perfect cover for S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most recent recruit! But when she butts heads with her new partner, sparks fly in an all-new adventure featuring one of Marvel’s most iconic romantic heroines."

X Loves of Wolverine

Following Millie the Spy, we'll spend some time with the world's favorite X-Man in X Loves of Wolverine. X Loves of Wolverine will have a creative team including writer Sean Kelley McKeever, artist Diogenes Neves, letterer Ariana Maher, and editor Mark Basso. "Logan’s mutant healing factor has saved his life countless times, but it has never healed his heart! And as Wolverine plunges into perhaps the greatest romance of his long life, he will have to risk it all!"

Hulkling & Wiccan

Last but absolutely not least is Marvel's star couple Hulkling and Wiccan starring in their very own Hulkling & Wiccan, which will be created by writer Josh Trujillo, artist tokitokoro, letterer Ariana Maher, and editor Alanna Smith. The series will continue from the Infinity Comic Hulking & Wiccan: Possibilities! The official synopsis reads. " Still reeling from an alternate reality where they fell in love with other people, Hulkling & Wiccan are shocked when Hulkling’s alternate-reality ex-boyfriend shows up on their doorstep! And unfortunately for the rattled newlyweds, Goebig the space pirate needs their help badly…"

Love Unlimited and Marvel Unlimited

This series of series alongside the recently announced Marvel's Voices anthology on Marvel Unlimited promises a webcomic-heavy summer for Marvel Unlimited, so for those who enjoy the fun fare Marvel Unlimited has been creating, this is good news! As romance fans, we're definitely looking forward to checking out this themed series.

And for those not using Marvel Unlimited, while new comics on these platform are typically labeled as 'exclusive' to Marvel Unlimited, experience has shown that most of these are eventually collected for print release.

To read more about Ms. Marvel's Red Dagger before you start reading that first comic, check out Popverse's Red Dagger guide.

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