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Marvel is redefining X-Men's Storm for a modern generation

A new version of Storm will appear in the upcoming Ultimate Black Panther comic book series

Ultimate Storm
Image credit: Peach Momoko/Marvel

One of Marvel’s most iconic characters is getting a new beginning in 2024, with the publisher announcing that its upcoming Ultimate Black Panther comic book series will also feature a brand new version of Storm, as designed by Peach Momoko.

Surprisingly separated from her traditional comic book home of the X-Men, this new version of Storm — who’ll debut in February 2024’s Ultimate Black Panther #1 — will be teamed with a version of traditional Black Panther villain Killmonger as “heroic freedom fighters throughout the continent of Africa,” according to Marvel. It’s not just the backstory of Storm that’s being reimagined for the new incarnation of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, though; it’s also the look of the character, with the wildly popular Peach Momoko stepping in to give Storm’s visuals an update.

Ultimate Storm
Image credit: Peach Momoko/Marvel

In a statement provided by Marvel, Momoko said, “I’ve always loved looking at outfits of tribes from all over the world, and combining the modern and tribal, the beauty and strong, is something I always love thinking about. And getting to design for Storm and Killmonger, I wanted to respect the characters and also put in my soul and unique vision into them.”

It’s perhaps worth noting that Momoko is currently writing and drawing the upcoming Ultimate X-Men comic book series that launches in March 2024. So perhaps there will be a Storm/X-Men connection in the upcoming Ultimate Universe, after all…

This won’t be the first time that Storm has been given an Ultimate makeover; in the first incarnation of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe from the early 2000s, Storm was a snarky car-thief who found refuge as a member of the X-Men, even if she remained at odds with Professor Xavier and his overall mission. It was, as the kids would've said at the time, very extreme.

The new Ultimate Storm will be part of Ultimate Black Panther #1, and will make her cover debut in April’s third issue of the series, with art by Stefano Caselli; the full cover can be seen below.

Ultimate Storm
Image credit: Stefano Caselli/Marvel

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