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Marvel Studios and DC Studios put streaming shows on hold due to WGA Strike

Daredevil: Born Again and The Penguin are both put on indefinite hiatus because of picketing

Daredevil: Born Again/The Penguin
Image credit: Marvel Studios/DC Studios

How powerful is the WGA strike? Powerful enough to beat both Marvel and DC, with Deadline reporting that both Max’s The Penguin and Disney+’s Daredevil: Born Again have officially put filming on hold until the ongoing strike action by the Writers’ Guild of America is over… even though they have no idea when that might happen.

Both productions have been routinely picketed by WGA members since the strike began on May 2, with Daredevil being a notable early target of picketers, along with a number of other Marvel projects — enough, in fact, to cause Disney to significantly reschedule the release date of every Marvel movie due after November’s The Marvels, as announced on June 13.

Daredevil’s pause is particularly notable, with the show less than halfway through its projected eight-month shoot. The show was projected to debut on Disney+ in Spring 2024 as part of Marvel Studios’ Phase 5 plans, as the penultimate installment ahead of the Thunderbolts movie. Of course, that movie has itself been shifted from July 2024 to December 2024, giving the show a significant window to move within.

The Penguin’s release date has never been officially released, although most people expected an early 2024 release on Max. Production started on that project in March, with an anticipated conclusion somewhere in late July. The show takes place between The Batman and its sequel, The Batman Part II, which isn’t expected in theaters until October 2025.

Both shows were shooting in New York City.

With the strike now impacting both The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. Discovery's prime franchises in such a dramatic fashion, it'll be interesting to see if this makes both studios - and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers as a whole - reconsider their positions when it comes to negotiating with the WGA in the near future. The strike has already lasted seven weeks without much flexibility from the AMPTP. Could that be about to change?

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