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Follow along to Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Studios' Disney D23 Expo announcements

Popverse brings you live coverage from the D23 Studio Showcase (Marvel, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Studios)

D23 Expo Studio Showcase 2 panel
Image credit: Getty Images/Walt Disney Company

Popverse is back at the Anaheim Convention Center, and this time, we're here for D23 Expo 2022. We're really excited to bring fun coverage from the Expo to you all weekend long, and today we're starting our day off with likely the most anticipated panel of the entire weekend-- the second Studio Showcase (which covers Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Studios).

We're looking forward to the news that will be announced at this panel, and we're hoping for some sneak peeks of some upcoming projects as well. We're bringing all of this information to you live from Hall D23, so keep an eye on this page to follow our moment-to-moment coverage or come back after the panel is done to read through everything that happened at the D23 Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Studios studio showcase this year.

In some ways, D23 Expo is a three-day live version of Disney's streaming service Disney+. TV shows, movies, and specials from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Studios, National Geographic, and more are on the streaming service.

Feel like you're missing out on this year's D23 Expo? Follow along with Popverse's boots-on-the-ground coverage of this year's Disney Expo.

Our live coverage of this event has finished.

Hello friends! We are currently seated inside of Hall D23, eagerly awaiting some exciting news!
Only a few more minutes!!
The disembodied voice from above as announced that we will be starting soon.
The lights are going down....
We're being shown the same 100 years of Disney video we were shown at yesterday's Studio Showcase. It is quite long.
Chairman Alan Bergman has joined us on the stage to kick off the panel.
Bergman points out that it hasn't been too long since the additions of today's studios (Marvel, Lucasfilm, 20th Century) have become part of Disney.
Kathy Kennedy, who has just celebrated ten years in her role at Lucasfilm, is coming on stage!
Kennedy reminds the audience that the spy-thriller Andor is coming out in just eleven days, introducing a video that sets the scene for the show, showcasing some clips from Star Wars, Rogue One, and Andor.
Kennedy introduces some of the cast on stage including Diego Luna and Genevieve O' Reilly.
"It's so nice to be here," Luna says. "You wont believe where you will find these characters... It's about the awakening of a revolutionary."
Other Andor cast members on stage include Adria Arjona and Kyle Soller.
Kennedy points out that Luna is also serving as a producer on Andor. "We're working with the best team in front of and behind the camera," Luna says about the experience. "The work of the designers and the whole team is so rich, there is not a better way to get into a set as an actor. Because I know what is behind every decision."
Luna shares a message to Spanish speakers in the audience to a lot of cheers (your humble liveblogger's Spanish is not good enough to translate it though! sorry)
Luna introduces the newest (and last) trailer to Andor and reminds the audience that the first episode drop will be of three episodes.
"We've all done terrible things on behalf of the Rebellion" we hear Cassian Andor say in a voice over. We see him and Stellan Skarsgard interact, and some beautiful scenery with green moutnains. We also see some of what's going on in the Empire, who are looking to crush the Rebellion. We also see Luna piloting a ship through some fire-- looks pretty cool!
Time for WILLOW!
Warwick Davis is coming on stage to massive cheers and applause.
Davis introduces other cast members including Tony Revolori, Amer Chadha-Patel, Dempsey Bryk, Ruby Cruz, and Talisa Garcia
Christian Slater has joined the stage
Slater calls Davis a legend, "I've grown up watching you."
"You wait til you see him, he's great," Davis says about Slater's performance.
Davis is introducing the premiere of the brand new trailer.
Segway-ing back to Star Wars.... "We've had an absolutely incredible time expanding storytelling with Disney+" Kennedy says.
Dave Filoni comes on stage to lots of applause.
We're starting with animation... Bad Batch!
There will be a two episode premiere of Bad Batch season 2.
Filoni introduces Tales of the Jedi, animated shorts which will debut all at once on October 26th on Disney + (3 of the eps will be about Ahsoka)
"The two of us really share a love of Miyazaki's work," Kennedy says about Filoni and the aesthetic that he brings to his animated projects.
Time for live-action Ahsoka!
"The character has found new life in the work we've been doing," Filoni says about Ahsoka the series. "I was actually just shooting yesterday."
Jon Favreau is coming on stage to a LOT of screams and cheers.
Favreau calls the lightsaber battles in Ahsoka "amazing action."
"I've been lucky enough to be an actor in the three latest Spider-Man films" Favreau says, "When I was working on it, I was working with Jon Watts, and I happened to mention to him that I was working on [Star Wars] and how much fun it was." Favreau told Watts that he should come out and direct an episode or something, but Watts responded that he had a fully fleshed out idea of what that project was and should be.
Jon Watts and Chris Ford have come out to talk about Skeleton Crew.
"It's an entirely new story that we're excited to tell you." Watts says.
They show an image up on the screen of Jude Law and bring Law out on stage too. No trailer to share, though.
Now its time for The Mandalorian. Favreau points out that at the last D23 Expo, The Mandalorian had not even launched yet.
Favreau brings out director Rick Famuyiwa!
"This has been a dream of mine since I first saw [Star Wars], which was the first film I ever saw in the movie theaters," Famuyiwa says. "I went to USC film school because of George." (Go Trojans!)
Famuyiwa introduces the cast of The Mandalorian. Katee Sackoff, GianCarlo Esposito, and Pedro Pascal. Lots of hugs are going on.
"To describe the journey is practically impossible," Pascal says, hinting at some "amazing people" backstage that he's met today.
Emily Swallow talks about how she just met Amy Sedaris foro the first time, and how exciting that is.
Swallow talks about the first few epsidoes where the actors were trying to find the new language of these helmeted characters, "What is it that translates? What kind of movement are you reading? What emotions are you reading? It was really a collaborate effort... what I quickly learned for the Armorer, was that less is more."
Giancarlo Esposito says, "It's an honor and an upmost pleasure to be working with visionaries."
He addresses the audience "You have something I want," clarifying that the fans have passion for the franchise and wonder. "If you're here, you LOVE Star Wars."
"It is the hero and heroine's journey that matters," Esposito says.
Amy Sedaris says that whenever she tries to ad lib, she gets told "Amy, they wouldn't say that in space."
Sedaris says that she memorizes the lines but can never tell what's going on in the scenes, even when people explain to her the space lino-- "Any laughs, and I don't even know why I'm getting the laughs."
Katee Sackoff says that all that she can say about the season is that she's so excited for it, and that it's "Crazy."
They're showing a teaser for Mando. Some cool new music. We see Mando going into a cave. We see the Armorer, Mando's ship dodging blaster fire. We see Carl Weathers. Some planet ruins. Jet packs! eE see some new creatures in a tree, and quite a bit of Grogu.
Season 3 will be streaming in 2023.
time for Indiana Jones!
Director James Mangold is here to talk about the movie.
Mangold points out that Kennedy has worked on every single Indiana Jones movie.
Mangold talks about how the day that Spielberg, Harrison Ford, and Kennedy came to talk to him about making the movie was a "frozen" moment for him.
Mangold mentions the "phenomenally talented" Phoebe Waller-Bridge
We're getting a clip!
We see a desert scene, an underwater scene, and even a (gasp! university classroom scene. We hear Ford say, "I've come to believe it's not so much what you believe.. it's how hand you believe it." We hear the famous theme slowed down a bit, intercut with a lot of very actiony scenes, including Indiana Jones riding a horse on a sunbway track.
Harrison Ford himself is here! Alongside Phoebe Waller Bridge
Ford is teary saying thank you to the audience for the opportunity to make these films.
"I'm very proud to say that this one is fantastic," Ford says, and "This is one of the reasons, he says, pointing to Waller Bridge," tearing up.
"We have a very human story to tell, as well as a movie that will kick your ass."
Mangold talks about Waller Bridge serving as a foil to Ford in this movie.
Mangold talks about Waller Bridge serving as a foil to Ford in this movie.
"I had the time of my life making this movie," Waller Bridge says, saying that keeping up with Ford is "exhausting."
Kathleen Kennedy leaves the stage with Ford and Waller Bridge.
Time for the M! C! U!
Kevin Feige, Producer and President of Marvel Studios, has taken the stage, "I'm a little shell shocked. We just saw some Indiana Jones footage, Holy Toledo."
Feige says he's jealous of the musical numbers from the other Disney movies, and introducers Captain America the Musical performance!
There's an onstage band, singing, the whole nine yards.
"I want to thank D23 for letting us do that, and I want to thank our composer Mark Shaiman" Feige says.
Ryan Coogler comes out on stage to talk about Wakanda Forever.
Coogler is showing us an exclusive look at Black Panther Wakanda forever.
We see a UN meeting with contries being frustrated with Wakanda about sharing Vibranium, the Queen responds about not being worried about "The dangerous potential of vibranium, but the dangerous potential of you."
We hear the queen say that she hears what the other countries are saying, that the king is dead, that the protector is gone, and then we see a very epic fight scene between Dora Milaje overcoming a large group of soldiers.
Coogler shouts of Chadwick Boseman being made a Disney Legend this weekend.
Coogler introduces Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Tenoch Huerta, and Angela Bassett to the stage.
Bassett says that this is the calm before the "amazing storm." She shouts of the crew, Coogler, and Boseman. "He showed us the way."
Huerta says that it was a wonderful experience shooting on the film and says that this project is "not just entertainment, it goes deeper."
Wright says that she's excited for the audience to see the story that Coogler put his heart into.
"I'm excited for my bro to look down at us and smile," Wright says about Boseman.
We're getting an early look at Ironheart
We see Riri Williams say, "I want to build something like him, but, you know, better."
Anthony Ramos is coming out on stage to talk about Ironheart.
"He's a little bit of both" Ramos says, when Feige asks if his character is a good guy or a bad guy.
"Parker kicks ass," Ramos says, "I don't know if I can say that."
Feige says having a character in rooted in magic (the Hood) and a character rooted in technology (Ironheart) is new for the MCU.
*To clarify, the clip showing Riri Williams was from the show Ironheart-- not Black Panther.
Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, and Jonathan Majors have come on stage.
Jonathan Majors is wearing a hat and a very cool looking trench coat.
Paul Rudd says "I've met Michael B Jordan" and how Rudd getting the title of Sexiest Man Alive is "Very, very wrong." Majors says that he knows Jordan and Rudd, and to him, "Pretty much the same to me."
Jonathan Majors is leading the crowd in oOOooo siren sounds to wake up sleepy fans who have been waiting hours to get into this panel.
"This is unlike anything you've seen, certainly from Ant Man and the Wasp," Rudd says about Quantumania.
Rudd talks about the movie being huge, and points out Majors, being "incredible, and it throws this whole thing into such new territory."
We're getting an exclusive sneak peek of Quantumania.
We see Scott Lang, having lunch with Jimmy Woo. We see Cassie showing her dad a machine that is sending a signal into the Quantum Realm. Janet tells her to turn it off, but then the machine sucks the whole family into the Quantum realm. We see Bill Murray. We see Kang the Conquerer telling Lang, "You're an Avenger, have I killed you before? They all blur together after a while."
There will be a Halloween holiday special called Werewolf By Night starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Laura Donnelly.
Michael Giacchino will direct
We're getting a clip from Werewolf by Night.
*The trailer. The trailer stars with a card that reads Marvel Studios Special PResentation. The feature is in black and white. Looks very old horror movie esque, with skips in the film. This will be streaming OCtober 8.
Don Cheadle has come out on stage!
Feige says they're talking about two shows today, the first one Secret Invasion.
Cheadle says it's great to have Nick Fury/Samuel L Jackson on the project. We'll have Maria Hill, Emilia Clarke will be in the MCU, Olivia Coleman, and Ben Mendolsohn.
We're getting the very first trailer for Secret Invasion.
We see Nick Fury walk into a restaurant and join Rhodey, who tells Fury that "I'm the last friend you've got." Fury alerts Rhodey that his security is all spies and that they're under invasion. "We can't even tell who the invaders are!" But it looks like Rhodey already knows, has known for over a decade.
We see clips of Emilia Clarke, Olivia Coleman, Ben Mendolsohn. Fury saying that he's the "last person standing between them and what they really want."
Now time for Armor Wars.
Looks like Armor Wars has a new logo-- image to come when wifi allows.
Apparently Secret Invasion will lead directly into Armor Wars.
Tom Hiddleston is here! to plug Loki Season 2
With Owen Wilson, Sophia Di Martino
Hiddleston shares that Loki season 2 starts right when season 1 ends off.
Feige says that Loki season 2 will connect into the multiverse saga.
Looks like we're going to get a first look at Loki Season 2.
We see Loki being pulled through time (it looks painful). "I've seen terrible, awful things" Loki then uses a staff to hit a wall and uncover another timeline where the awall is covered in Kang decorations. "War is on its way," Loki says. We also see our favoirte characters in suits, a space suit, and even tuxedos!
Fantastic Four news! Announced director is Matt Shakman (of WandaVision)
Feige does not invite Shakman on stage, since there's nothing for him to talk about, but Feige does introduce a first look at Echo.
This is the first video today with captions.
We see a fight scene. We see Echo looking at her hands, which are glowing. We see flashbacks into history. We see grenades! And we see Kingpin!!
Now the cast of Echo is coming on stage, including Vincent D'onofrio and Alaqua Cox
Alaqua Cox signs that this is only the second role she's ever had.
Cody Lightning says that learning ASL was rewarding and that he plans to continue to learn.
Chaske Spencer says that learning ASL was quite challenging at first, but that then the muscle memory set in. Spencer is also excited for the world to see Alaqua Cox.
Graham Greene pulls out his phone to take a picture of the audience. He talks about learning ASL and working with actors who he's known since they were little kids. "They're taking over, and I'm leaving."
Greene says "I wish all the best for these kids."
Vincent D'Onofrio says, "It's a great cast. I was so impressed by all these people. They're just amazing talent." He adds, "To bring Fisk and Maya back together was an absolute thrill."
Feige leads the audience in ASL applause for the cast.
Though the cast of Echo has left the stage, D'Onofrio is still here. DAREDEVIL TIME!
Charlie Cox is here!
Feige says there's nothing to show, since they aren't filming until next year. But Cox, points out that he can show some Daredevil from an upcoming episode of She-Hulk!
We see Daredevil in his yellow and red outfit. He says "Goons and henchmen are completely different animals."
Looks like some chemistry between Daredevil and She-Hulk...
Anthony Mackie is here to talk about Captain America New World Order, alongisde director Julius Onah who calls the movie a thriller.
Tim Blake Nelson says about returning to the Leader, "I'm delighted, Marvel is part of cinema history, and that I get to be a part of that is an absolute honor."
Feige says that New World Order takes place in a world without Avengers, but there's another group out there, the Thunderbolts. Julia Louis Dreyfus is here, David Harbour is here too, we get a short hello video from Florence Pugh and the announcement that Sebastian Stan will be in the Thunderbolts.
Our three Marvels are here! to talk The Marvels!
We're getting a peek at The Marvels. We see Nick Fury talking to Captain Monica Rambeau, as she's wearing an astronaut suit in space. She touches a space thing, and swaps spots with Kamala Khan. Rambeau tells the Khans "Our lightbased powers are entangled." It looks like the movie will have a lighthearted comedic tone.
And that's it for Marvel. Time for 20th Century Studios.
James Cameron has video called in to talk about Avatar the War of Water.
We have the cast of Avatar out including Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver, and now we're bringing out the younger actors who play the children!
We're going to couple scenes from The Way of Water. They're handing out 3D glasses!
Our glasses come with little Avatar branded polishing cloths.
So we start with an underwater scene, with lots of cool looking sea creatures.
These scenes seem pretty unrelated, an underwater scene, a dramatic scene in a lab, and a forest scene.
Alright-- and that's the end of the panel! Thanks so much for following along. Can't wait to show more of D23 to you!