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Marvel's Old Man Logan universe gets a crossover - in podcasting- with Wastelanders finale

The franchise will end with a 10-episode crossover series teaming its heroes together

Image credit: Marvel Entertainment/SiriusXM

It’s the end of the world, but at least no-one has to face it alone. Marvel Entertainment and Sirius XM have announced their sixth and final Wastelanders series, bringing an end to the podcast drama franchise that launched in 2022 with a very special event: Marvel’s first podcast crossover event.

Wastelanders as a franchise began in June 2021, with the 10-episode Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord, which was followed by similar length runs for Wastelanders: Hawkeye, Wastelanders: Black Widow, Wastelanders: Wolverine, and Wastelanders: Doom. The property is set in a version of Marvel’s comic book franchise Old Man Logan, inside a dystopian alternate reality where the few remaining Marvel heroes struggle to survive against increasingly difficult odds. Now, things are coming to a head with the final 10-episode series, titled simply Marvel’s Wastelanders.

Co-written by Mark Waid (Daredevil, World’s Finest), J. Holtham (Netflix’s Jessica Jones), and Nick Bernardone (Fear the Walking Dead), and directed by Kimberly Senior, the series stars Timothy Busfield as Star-Lord, Stephen Lang as Hawkeye, Susan Sarandon as Black Widow, Robert Patrick as Wolverine, and Dylan Baker as Doctor Doom. For those unfamiliar with the franchise to date, Doom is unusually not the villain of the piece — that would be Valeria Richards, played by Rebecca Naomi Jones.

(Waid isn’t the only comic book talent attached to the project; promotional art for the show comes from Steve McNiven, who co-created the Old Man Logan property with Mark Millar for Wolverine #66 in 2008. Laura Martin colored the image.)

“The series is equal parts hilarious and deeply moving, navigating big questions around grief, power, loyalty, and trust,” series director Kimberly Senior says in a statement accompanying the announcement of the series. “Directing the final installment and bringing together the astounding talent from previous episodes made for a deeply textured experience with all the webs of relationships and stories we've developed over the series.”

The first two episodes of Marvel’s Wastelanders are available now on the SXM App and Marvel Podcasts Unlimited on Apple Podcasts; the first episode is also available on Pandora, Stitcher, and other podcast platforms in the U.S. New episodes will be released weekly.

Wastelanders might be coming to an end, but Marvel is staying in the podcast business; the company has recently launched the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever podcast, tying into the current movie.

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