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Marvel Studios' The Marvel release date is sooner than you think

Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, and Iman Vellani star in the next installment of the MCU. Here's when you can expect to see it

Image credit: Marvel Studios

It won't be long now until Marvel Studios' The Marvels, starring, is in cinemas everywhere, marking the second film in the Captain Marvel series, the third film in the MCU's Phase Five, and the 33rd movie (!!) in the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. But just when exactly is the film's release date? We compiled a comprehensive answer to the question of The Marvel's release date, including international dates and even asking when it will be avilable for streaming. But first, let's take a step back and ask:

What was the original The Marvels release date?

Image credit: Marvel Studios

These days, it's not a surprise at all when a big-budget movie pushes back its release date. Still, The Marvels admittedly did quite a bit of pushing. Originally, the movie was scheduled for July 8, 2022. This was reported on by The Wrap, when the film was still just known as "Captain Marvel 2." Later, after "The Marvels" title had stuck, The Hollywood Reporter told us that the film would hit theaters November 8, 2022. There were still three more pushes to come.

It was Variety that first put The Marvels release date in 2023, specifically for February 17. Then, when that didn't work, Deadline reported a July 28 release date. The next release date annoucned (thank goodness), would be the last, the offical US release date of the film.

What is The Marvels release date for the US?

Image credit: Marvel Studios

After that many change-ups, we'd understand if you were wary to believe it, but fortunately, now we have trailers for confirmation. And the date those trailers list for The Marvel's release is November 10, 2023. Yes, In just a little over a month (as of this writing), the characters of Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Monica Rambeau will join forces on the big screen.

Of course, that's just the US release date.

What are The Marvels international release dates?

Image credit: Marvel Studios

Though November 10 isn't the global release date for The Marvels, it is pretty darn close, with release dates across the world only a matter of days off. Via the help of some of Marvel's international Instagram accounts, we compiled a list of country releasing The Marvels on...

November 8...

November 9...

And like the US, November 10...

China will also see The Marvels hit theaters on November 10, as reported by Deadline.

Ok, you ask, but what if I don't want to see The Marvels in theaters at all? Well, it's about time we ask:

When will The Marvels be available on Disney+?

Image credit: Marvel Studios

As with every film in the MCU, The Marvels will eventually make its way to streaming platform Disney+. However, we have no official date as of yet as to when that is going to happen. ComingSoon.Net postulates that the streaming date will be sometime around February or March of 2024, should it follow the typical pattern of going to stream three to four months after its theatrical release date. However, like anyone predicting a streaming date, they're only guessing.

For now, we'll see you in theaters the second week in November.

Before you head to cinemas to check out The Marvels (wherever you are in the world), here's our list of Captain Marvel's MCU appearances, in chronological and release order.