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Marvel's former Star Wars writer Jason Aaron is still "surprised" Lucasfilm let them create such "big moments" in canon in comics

Han Solo's first wife, and more.

Star Wars #1
Image credit: John Cassaday (Marvel Comics)

Star Wars was rejuvenated after Disney acquired Lucasfilm and began a methodical revival of the franchise in movies, tv, prose books, comic books and more. While people remember the kickoff as Decmeber 2015's THe Force Awakens, Marvel Comics actually got ahead of that with an in-continuity-with-the-movies series of comics led by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday's Star Wars.

In it, they revisited certain elements from the original 1977 Star Wars film (and the time surrounding it), and made some key additions - thematically, narratively, and with characters. DId you know Han Solo had a wife before Leia? You met her for the first time in those comics, although Solo denies the marriage ever happened.

Looking back on his two-year run on Marvel's Star Wars, Aaron says now he was "surprised" how much they added to the official Star Wars canon - and says it was only because Lucasfilm were distracted at the time.

"I'm surprised they let us do that," Jason Aaron tells a packed crowd at his Thought Bubble spotlight panel. "I think we sort of snuck that in when Lucasfilm was dealing with a lot of stuff, and we grabbed some of those big moments."

It's not as if Aaron didn't say that was his plans. In PR at the time, he called the Star Wars COmics as him creating "the direct sequel to the original film".

Read it yourself - Marvel has published his Star Wars comics in a massive Star Wars Omnibus by Jason Aaron.

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