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Masters of the Air: How the World War II drama might intersect with Band of Brothers and The Pacific

A little history lesson ahead of the new series' release

Masters of the Air screenshot
Image credit: Apple TV

World War II remains one of the most popular backdrops for films, offering multiple fronts to portray, each with its own dramatic moments. Masters of the Air, the upcoming drama series coming to Apple TV+, follows the legendary Bloody Hundredth, one of the most successful bomber units in the US Army Air Corps at the time, but the unit’s journey might also intersect with Band of Brothers’ Easy Company, depending on how the series’ timeline plays out.

Masters of the Air is the second companion series to Band of Brothers to come from executive producers Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. The first, The Pacific, focused on the campaign in the Pacific theater, as the name would imply. Masters of the Air takes place on the European front and focuses on the war against Nazi Germany, opening up the possibility for crossover with Band of Brothers.

This is because the Bloody Hundredth and Easy Company crossed paths multiple times throughout the war. The first was in England, where both were stationed during 1943 and 1944 as the military geared up for the D-Day Invasion. Before you get your hopes up and think there is going to be a crossover between them during this time, remember that Easy Company was in Aldbourne, England at the time and the Bloody Hundredth was in RAF Thorpe Abbots, roughly 175 miles away.

The other major time that the two units from Masters of the Air and Band of Brothers crossed paths was at the infamous Battle of the Bulge, where the Bloody Hundredth provided direct air support to Easy Company as they broke through the Ardennes. This was one of the pivotal moments in the war and one of the most dramatic plotlines in Band of Brothers.

Does this mean we should expect any characters from Band of Brothers to show up in Masters of the Air? Probably not, considering it has been more than 20 years since Band of Brothers ended making it difficult for the actors to reprise their roles. There also isn’t any historical evidence that the two units directly interacted during the war – they had very different missions. Still, fans of Band of Brothers can expect to see some familiar places and names crop up during Masters of the Air.

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