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Squishmallows and McDonald's are doing a Halloween collab, but Americans will have to wait

Want the McDonald's Squishmallows? You'll have to travel to get one (for now at least)

UK McDonald's Halloween Squishmallows
Image credit: McDonald's/Squishmallows

McDonald's and Squishmallows have a new collaboration going, offering six limited edition, Halloween-themed plushies for children and fans to quickly collect. They come with the Happy Meals that everyone knows and loves, but Americans will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on them.

The "soft, cute, and a little bit spooky" plushies are currently among the most famous collectibles in the UK, yet McDonald's hasn't locked down a release for the US. In fact, the current rumor among collectors (via The Sun) pointed to the newest Squishmallows collab missing Halloween altogether, only arriving in American Happy Meals in December. We've tried to locate the original source to no avail, but chatter about a December release in the US has spread like wildfire. If that pans out and we had to guess the nature of the end-of-the-year plushies, American McDonald's may get an entirely new collection of Christmas-themed ones instead. If you're interested and currently in the UK, you can grab the cute little creatures until October 31. Below you can find a list of the limited-edition plushies available at the moment:

  • Bella the spider
  • Patricio the bat
  • Brock the batdog
  • Stump the skeleton cat
  • Wade the werewolf
  • Autumn the cat

Apparently, the Squishmallows that come with McDonald's Happy Meals have quickly become viral, with Squishmallows fans flocking to the nearest restaurant to get their hands on the special-edition toys and sharing their finds on TikTok and other social media platforms. We're guessing McDonald's and Squishmallows themselves are pulling many strings to get people talking about these plushies, especially after the success of this summer's collab, but it seems like a remarkable amount of people are genuinely excited about these.

As an extra, giant versions of the Squishmallows can appear in McDonald's in the UK, plus customers can donate to Children in Need "by entering a raffle to win the extra-large plushies."

If you're looking for coveted McDonald's items and are disappointed these Halloween Squishmallows aren't coming to the US, maybe you'll be happy to learn the famous Boo Buckets are back!