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A new Meg book takes everything you love about the Meg movies, and gives you more

The Meg creator Steve Alten explained about the new boxset on Enter the Popverse

Promotion for Meg 2: The Trench has been ubiquitous for the last month or so, and with good reason: who doesn’t want to watch Jason Statham grimace at multiple threats from the depths of the underseas? As is only fitting for a franchise based on a monster that’s larger than it seems, the Meg itself is far bigger than the movies would suggest — with the latest release demonstrating just how big it really is.

During his recent appearance on Enter the Popverse, author Steve Alten — the man who initially created The Meg in 1997 for his novel Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror — talked about Meg Legacy, a new collection of everything Meg that’s ever been published… including the Meg comic. Yes, there’s a Meg comic.

Originally published back in 2019, Meg: The Graphic Novel took Alien’s original story and turned it into a 144-page comic book with art by Mike S. Miller (Injustice: Gods Among Us). J.S. Earls worked on the script for the adaptation. Published initially by Dabel Brothers Publishing, it now will appear serialized in the seven-volume Meg Legacy box set.

“Meg Legacy is the first time we’ve taken the entire book series and made it into one collector’s edition,” Alten told host Ashley V. Robinson. “There’s seven volumes in Meg Legacy: one novel for each volume, but there’s a whole lot of extras in there, like my biography — there’s seven different biographical excerpts in here — there’s the comics that make up the graphic novel in there, one for each volume. But also, I’ve written four different Angel of Death novellas, which are short stories about the Angel of Death, which is what they call the megalodon in its live pen in California... There’s over 200 new pages added to the collection,” he promised.

You can check out Meg Legacy for yourself on its own website, but do so quickly: it’s limited to 5000 copies, and they’re going fast. Like, Jason Stratham on jet-ski fast.

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