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MegaCon 2025 dates are here - and it's head-to-head with the Superbowl & the San Diego Comic-Con's Cruise Ship

Fan Expo's MegaCon vs. Comic-Con International: San Diego - the battle in the deep south of Florida.

Image credit: Fan Expo

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The biggest comic convention in the Southeastern United States, the long-running MegaCon, is underway at in Orlando right now. The convention, part of the Fan Expo brand of conventions owned by Informa, has been a Florida staple since 1993 - and has gotten bigger almost every year - with 2023's attendance estimated at just under 160,000.

Popverse has people on-site at the event, and the biggest piece of news we've found so far at the show is its dates for next year.

MegaCon 2025 will take place February 6 through 9, according to a re-booking letter sent to some of the 2024 exhibitors. Like this year's event, that's pretty early in the season year, but given its in Orlando, the weather normally doesn't get too cold.

In the bigger picture though, MegaCon is choosing to go head-to-head with both the 2025 Superbowl in New Orleans, and the Comic-Con International: San Diego's Comic-Con: The Cruise event.

As Popverse reported a few motnhs back, the organizers of San Diego Comic Con are partnering with Royal Caribbean and Entertainment Cruise Productions for a five-day Comic-Con event aboard a ship going from Tampa to Cozumel (and back). Comic-Con: The Cruise is described as "the ultimate fan adventure", and will feature the organizers of SDCC organizing this seperate, standalone event.

Comic-Con: The Cruise sets sail February 5 out of Tampa, just over 100 miles away from MegaCon's longtime home in Orlando. For those who live in the market MegaCon aims for (and the vendors and guests who attend big cons such as this), it sets up a hard choice - the massive and familiar MegaCon, or the promise of a San Diego Comic-Con sized event that they can drive to in nearby Tampa.

(Yes, it's a con on a cruise ship. For some that's a positive, and for some that's a negative).

MegaCon is owned by Informa as part of its Fan Expo portfolio of conventions, which has over a doxen events annually in North America.

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