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Metallic Rouge release date: When can we expect the new mecha anime to drop?

We're ready to book our trip to Mars.

Metallic Rouge trailer screenshot
Image credit: Bones

When an anime is drawing comparisons to classics like Ghost in the Shell, it is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Metallic Rouge is the latest entry in the tech noir genre of anime coming to us in 2024. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long before we get our first taste of this exciting new show.

We know that Metallic Rouge is coming during the Winter 2024 anime season, but when does it come out? We don’t actually know just yet. A specific release date hasn’t been announced – we just know that Metallic Rouge will be released in January 2024. This isn’t unusual for anime studios, which often don’t give specific release dates for shows until a few weeks or even days before it premiers. We don’t even know how many episodes to expect to drop, though a safe bet would be around 13 if it is only running for a single season.

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That doesn’t mean we don’t have some details about Metallic Rogue. It follows an android named Rogue on her way to Mars with her partner Naomi. The pair are on a mission to kill nine artificial humans that are hostile to the government. The trailer shows off some beautiful animation from studio Bones and offers hints at the mecha battles we can look forward to when the show finally comes out.

Even if we don’t have a release date for Metallic Rouge, we at least know that it will be available for overseas viewers. Crunchyroll will be streaming each episode as soon as it airs on Japanese TV this January.

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