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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Charge to 100 and Beyond! panel at SDCC '22

Popverse brings you live coverage from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Panel at SDCC

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Popverse has made it to the San Diego Convention Center, and we're so excited to be covering the many, many, many big events of the weekend. One of the most exciting panels that we're excited to cover is the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Charge to 100 and Beyond! Panel.

Because we're so excited about this panel about Power Rangers comics, we've decided to bring you live coverage from San Diego to wherever you are (even if it's just somewhere else in the convention center!).

The official panel synopsis reads: A Morphinominal celebration of 100 issues over five years of ongoing MMPR comic books from BOOM! Studios. Ryan Parrott ( Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Mat Groom ( Mighty Morphin), and Melissa Flores ( Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) join series editors Dafna Pleban and Allyson Gronowitz for a discussion on the history of the series and a look at what’s next.

So keep an eye on this page, and we'll give you live updates on what's happening and any exciting news about what's on the horizon for Power Rangers comics.

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Our live coverage of this event has finished.

Sitting at the Power Rangers panel. We're about 10 minutes before it begins.
The panelists have just sat down
The panel has officially started. The moderator is the yellow wild force ranger.
They are discussing Power Rangers #100!
They are discussing Power Rangers #100!
This is Ryan's last issue, and he says its nice to have a break but it's bitter sweet.
Ryan got covid in the middle of writing the script for the last issue.
Ryan wants us to cry. He said its going to change the status quo a bit.
Maybe not everyone will survive.
He does things in this issue that he has wanted to do from the beginning.
Dafna describes Power Rangers as "a team full of Robins."
Melissa's (former Director of Power Rangers Development and Prouction) favorite thing to do in Power Rangers is the comic books.
Melissa said Kyle Higgins wrote power rangers not as it was but as he felt like watching it as a kid.
The show that you were watching when you were 8 is like the Marvel movies you are watching now. A writer who understands that tone stays on the series and succeeds with the franchise.
Miguel Mercado was just an artist doing Power Rangers fan art for fun online and now he's a cover artist for Power Rangers #100
Ryan says Go Go was the high school years. Omega Rangers is like going to college. The eltarian war is when your an adult coming home from college. These last 8 issues is seeing your friends have kids and their parents dieing. That's what the death ranger arc is about
Dafna (BOOM! Studios Editor) got so greedy trying to get all these major artists for Power Rangers #100.
Dafna says that Power Rangers #100 will also be her last issue. She is tearing up as she talks about it
Dafna tries to bring guest artists when it narratively connects with the story (dream sequences, flashbacks, etc)
Melissa and Dafna are sharing love for each other.
Power Rangers will continue with Power Rangers #101. Melissa will be the new writer for Power Rangers #101 after leaving the brand.
Allyson Gronowitz is jumping on board the Power Rangers editorial team
Power Rangers #101 will give Rita a new look designed by Dan Mora.
Ryan Parrott is writing a sequel to the Power Rangers/TMNT series with Dan Mora as an interior artist.
Ryan Parrott showcases the actual Zord Ascension Poroject Migthty Morphin Dragonzzord Figure that is newly announced
Pre orders for the figures is open now
It's time for fan questions!
A fan asks if there will be more from the world of the coinless. Melissa's favorite ranger is Ranger Slayer. She can't gurantee she will explore that world, but she'd love to do it
Dafna taught Ryan what he likes to write. When he was a younger writer he cared about plot more, but now he knows character and emotion is more important.
Dafna taught Ryan what he likes to write. When he was a younger writer he cared about plot more, but now he knows character and emotion is more important.
Dafna taught Ryan what he likes to write. When he was a younger writer he cared about plot more, but now he knows character and emotion is more important.
We received a ticket to get a gift.
The panel has wrapped. Thank you for joining us.

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