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The Mighty Nein will return, Critical Role cast confirms

They're coming back.

The Mighty Nein
Image credit: Critical Role

The Mighty Nein live on.

The group’s time in the main Critical Role series — as opposed to spin-offs and adaptations, which continue to this day in both comics and animation — came to an end at the end of the second campaign in June 2021, although there have been three separate reunion specials in the past year, leading to the question being raised at the MCM October 2023 panel for Critical Role: do the cast see a future for the group, past the most recent reunion at the OVO Arena Wembley last week?

“Absolutely,” says Taliesin Jaffe, pretty definitively.

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“I think that was the best part about being Level 20,” Travis Willingham adds. “It felt like there was a whole boatload of story to come after that, and I think that’s what we love about the way that we play, that — whether you grew up as a fan of comic books, or any other pop culture story, it’s like, we can keep ideating, and innovating, and drawing it out and seeing where things go, but every session leads to the next story beat or the next idea or something that you wanna do, and having Matthew Mercer as your GM look at you and go, ‘do it. Do it. See what happens.’ That’s the best part.”

“We never intended, if a campaign ends, we never intended that to be just the end of these people’s stories or their journeys,” Marisha Ray explains. “That’s really sad.”

You can check out the full Critical Role panel from MCM October 2023 right here, and then go check out some of Popverse’s other panel videos from the weekend right here.

It’s time to start watching Critical Role, if you haven’t already. Here’s how you can do that easily; you’re welcome.