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Miss Minutes will be back for Loki season 2, confirms Tara Strong

Loki Season 2 will feature fan favorite Miss Minutes!

Miss Minutes in Loki Season 1
Image credit: Disney+

Earlier today Marvel Studios made their San Diego Comic-Con presentation in Hall H, breaking the internet with exciting new announcements. In addition to exciting new films like Captain America: New World Order and Disney+ series like Daredevil: Born Again, Marvel gave a release year for the previously announced Loki season 2. The fan favorite series will stream on Disney+ summer 2023. However, Popverse has some news about Loki season 2 that wasn’t announced during the presentation.

On Friday July 22, Popverse attended an SDCC press event for the video game MultiVersus where voice actress Tara Strong spoke about her role in the game as Harley Quinn. Tara Strong is known for a variety of voice roles, including the animated character Miss Minutes from Loki season one. During our discussion with Strong, Popverse asked her if she had recorded any new lines for Miss Minutes for Loki season 2. “I haven’t yet, but a spoiler – she’s in it! I know that,” Strong said before laughing.

Miss Minutes was an artificial intelligence program who assisted the mysterious organization known as the Time Variance Authority. She was designed to look like a cartoon clock, and viewers quickly gravitated to her. The character has become a merchandising favorite, with her face appearing on everything from shirts, cups, and pins. During the season finale, it was revealed that Miss Minutes was created by a timelord known as He Who Remains. She gave a memorable jump-scare in the episode that made viewers realize she wasn’t just cute, she was also menacing. “That was the best jump-scare ever,” Strong recalled.

While Strong hasn’t recorded her dialogue yet, there is still time. Filming for Loki season 2 began last month in London. Since Tara’s voiceover work would be considered ADR, it’s likely that it won’t be recorded until later into the production process. During the MultiVersus press session, Tara spoke about what it’s like to return to her favorite roles. “Once I become a character they live up in my brain, and when it’s their turn to come out and play they do. They are me, so I know how to laugh, run, fight, kiss, and whatever it is as that character,” Strong revealed.

While MultiVersus exclusively features characters from the Warner Brothers library, Miss Minutes was still Strong’s choice for a hypothetical DLC character. “Miss Minutes! You know she’s a badass. You know she’s hiding some shit. Why not Miss Minutes? I think that would be fun” Strong enthusiastically said. While rights issues make it unlikely that we’ll be seeing Miss Minutes as a playable character in MultiVersus, we can celebrate the news of her impending return in Loki season 2. Our favorite animated clock will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in summer 2023, and we’ll be counting the minutes until we see her again.

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