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Streaming: Impossible - The first four Mission: Impossible films are leaving Netflix at the end of December

This stream will self-destruct in 2024

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible
Image credit: Paramount Pictures

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to set aside a weekend between now and the end of 2023 where you can binge the first four Mission: Impossible movies while you still can. That’s because they’re going to be leaving Netflix after December 31, taking with them all the face-changing, ceiling-hanging, Tom Cruise-running action that makes the series great.

Note that if you do choose to watch these movies in the next few weeks, we cannot be held responsible if you end up singing that ridiculously catchy theme song as you move through the office Christmas party. Nor can we at Popverse be blamed if you injure yourself doing an ill-advised roll over the back of the couch. The stunts you see in the Mission: Impossible movies should be performed by Tom Cruise under the supervision of teams of professionals dedicated to keeping him and his annoyingly handsome face undamaged.

The Mission: Impossible films leaving Netflix at the end of the year are:

If you do miss your chance to watch the early adventures of Ethan Hunt on Netflix, you can still stream them and most of the franchise as part of a Paramount+ subscription. While you’re saying goodbye to the first four Mission: Impossible movies on Netflix, you should give one of our all-time favorite Christmas comedies, Love Actually, a rewatch, since it will be leaving Netflix after one last holiday season on the streaming service.

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