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Netflix has performed a meta Money Heist by making the new Berlin prequel look just as good as the original

Money Heist's Berlin is back and he's bringing Raquel Murillo and Alicia Sierra

Image credit: Netflix

Pedro Alonso's Berlin - the character, not the city - is one of the best parts of Netflix's Money Heist franchise, and despite dying early on in the series he's back for one more heist - in his own TV show.

Netflix has released the first trailer for Berlin, an upcoming prequel in the Money Heist universe in a way that looks to be particularly fun and exciting, rather than the intense and high-stakes exploits of the main show. It's fitting, if you know Perdo Alonso's Berlin.

Take a look at the trailer:

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This series is, of course, a prequel to the original Money Heist series set before Berlin's death. Described as taking place during the character's "glory days", Berlin and a new gang are in Paris to steal 44 million euros in jewels in just one night.

As if the chance to see Berlin back in action wasn't enough, this trailer also confirms the return of two more Money Heist characters, with glimpses at Raquel Murillo (played by Itziar Ituno) and Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra). Could we get... even more than that?

Berlin season 1 debuts December 29 on Netflix.

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