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Monk is one of the top shows on Netflix - here's 5 shows to watch next

Who can replace Adrian?

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Despite it being off the air for more than a decade, things are looking good for Monk lately. The reunion movie came out in 2023 and 2024 saw the series become one of the most watched shows on Netflix. If, like us, you've binged all 125 episodes and are looking for more, we've got you covered.

Here's where this guide comes in. Here are five television shows that might serve as the perfect chaser after a bunch of Adrian Monk.


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If the reason why you love Adrian Monk is because he is a strange but very competent detective paired with a slightly more common sense partner, Bones might make a good next watch for you. Bones follows forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan (the titular "Bones") and Agent Seeley Booth as they solve very weird forensic mysteries. There are a lot of seasons of this show (twelve in total), so if you want another long ride, check out Bones.


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Castle may not be an obvious choice for a follow up to Monk, but there's something of the Monk magic in Castle, which follows a bestselling novelist as he tags along with a police detective for "research" - but really to solve crimes and fall in love. There's eight seasons of Castle, so a lot ot catch up on.


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Psych is a total blast for anyone who loves a detective show. Be prepared for the silliness though - if you think that Monk's antics are over the top, you'll be shocked by what partners Shawn and Gus get up to as Shawn pretends to be a psychic detective in his work consulting for the Santa Barbara Police Department.

White Collar

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White Collar follows mostly-reformed conman Neal Caffrey as he consults with the FBI agent Peter Caffrey to solve White Collar crimes. While the energy of the show is much sleeker and cooler than Monk, those who enjoy the fact that Monk always seems to get himself caught up in the most ridiculous of scrapes will enjoy where Neal and Peter find themselves week after week (just how often are White Collar agents in that much danger?). Plus, the two leads develop a lovely friendship and found family throughout the six seasons of the show.

The Mentalist

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If your favorite thing about Monk was Adrian Monk's intense dedication to detail (and ability to solve crime because of this), The Mentalist is for you. The series premise sets up a former psychic medium named Patrick Jane to consult with the California police by using his observational abilities to solve crimes. It's taken more seriously than it sounds - and it has a pretty intense serial killer storyline threaded throughout.

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