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Finally, a new Monogatari anime is confirmed (and based on some great material)

Its a series that only gets weirder and weirder.

Monogatari off and monsters trailer screenshot
Image credit: Aniplex

The weird world of Monogatari is set to get a little bit weirder with a new anime based on the light novel series in the works. After dropping hints over the past several days about a new anime in the works, Aniplex has finally confirmed that an adaptation of two Monogatari light novels is set to be produced this year.

The show’s timeline was already a confusing mess and the new anime, titled Monogatari Series Off & Monster Season, doesn’t look like is going to clarify things very much. In fact, it is probably going to complicate our watch order significantly. Off Season refers to a series of four light novels set in the Monogatari world that consist of short stories set at different points in the series. By contrast, Monster Season is a different Monogatari subseries that is a continuation of the franchise, taking place when the characters are in college.

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The announcement of the new Monogatari anime included a poster drawn by Akio Watanabe, the chief animation director of the original anime series, which confirmed that the studio would be continuing the non-linear nature of the franchise. The tagline reads “Youth continues into the past and the future”, a nod to the two series of novels that it will be simultaneously adapting and their different places in the winding timeline of Monogatari.

Monogatari off and monsters season image
Image credit: Aniplex

No release date for the new anime has been announced yet, with the official website only stating that it would go into production “this year” so we’ll probably be waiting a long time before we see the strange new places that Monogatari takes us.

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