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Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four to begin filming July 29, Kevin Feige just needs to do San Diego Comic-Con first

Marvel Studios has a big month in July - Deadpool & Wolverine, San Diego Comic-Con, and then the Fantastic Four movie

Fantastic Four
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Marvel Studios has an array of new projects on the horizon, from sequels to successful films to new franchises, and revamped ones such as the X-Men. But for Marvel Studios architect Kevin Feige, there's one standing above all others - and it's about to begin filming.

That movie is the Fantastic Four.

When asked about his personal favorite from Marvel Studios' upcoming slate, Marvel Studios president (and Marvel CCO overall) Feige gave platitudes about the entire slate he's built but couldn't help but choose a favorite - and when it's to begin filming.

"The corporate answer is they're all our babies, and we love them all equally, and I'm very excited for Deadpool & Wolverine and then Agatha All Along and Captain America: Brave New World, Thunderbolts*, and the new Daredevil... and that's true," Feige says in the June 26 installment of the Official Marvel Podcast. "But if you want the real answer, the answer is the Fantastic Four."

Feige says he's "incredibly excited" for what is being developed with the Fantastic Four, specifically citing the work of Matt Shakman, who rose to fame as director and executive producer of Marvel's WandaVision for Disney+.

"He's already moved to London, and we start it at the end of July. Funny story, we start shooting the Monday after Comic-Con."

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This year's Comic-Con International: San Diego is to take place July 24 through 28, so that would mean a Monday, July 29 start date for Fantastic Four. It will begin filming at London's famed Pinewood Studios, where numerous films and TV shows have been filmed, including Shakman's WandaVision.

While July 29 might seem quick for the Fantastic Four to begin filming, it's actually just the opposite - the film is announced to be debuting less than a year from then - July 25, 2025 to be exact. The last four Marvel Studios films took 14 months (or longer) to go from the first day of filming to being in our theaters. Delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic could be a factor, as the last MCU movie before the pandemic did it in 12 months (That was Spider-Man: Far From Home, if you're wondering).

And since Feige mentioned Comic-Con, no, Marvel Studios hasn't announced what (or even if) it'll be there. But knowing that the cast will be gathering together to prep shooting does make one wonder if that means they'd be available to visit sunny San Diego before a summer in London, doesn't it...?

As stated above, Fantastic Four is scheduled to hit theaters July 25, 2025.

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