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Marvel Studios' Deadpool & Wolverine has to be the centerpiece of San Diego Comic-Con, or they're doing it wrong

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman's Deadpool & Wolverine is primed to be the big SDCC Hall H panel this year

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman
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2024 is a unique year for movies, and particularly for Marvel Studios. Between its originally-planned 2024 movie & TV schedule being dramatically cut back due to the writers' strike and actors' strike, along with the dour reception for its major 2023 projects, it has a lot to prove in 2024.

No wonder the studio is betting big on Deadpool & Wolverine. This Ryan Reynolds threequel will be Marvel's first full-scale adoption of the various Marvel properties previously the domain of Fox, and also its first R-rated movie.

And that will all come to ahead one weekend in July... which happens to be the same weekend as Comic-Con International: San Diego.

Why Deadpool & Wolverine is a must for SDCC 2024

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The 2024 San Diego Comic-Con takes place July 25 through July 28, and Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters July 26 - or earlier if your theater is one of those that does early screenings, which San Diego's theaters no doubt will.

The stars of Deadpool & Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, are staples of the unique brand of movies which get the Hall H treatment at SDCC. In fact, Hugh Jackman is the first Marvel movie star of this current apex, and has been attending SDCCs regularly for Marvel (and his other projects) for 24 years.

Additionally, this would be a chance for Marvel Studios (and Hall H pro Kevin Feige) to brand the X-Men and related properties as part of Marvel Studios, and roll out a revised slate of movies & TV shows for the first time since 2022's D23 Expo - especially since Marvel Studios decided to skip 2023 SDCC entirely.

San Diego Comic Con is notorious for not announcing its plans until two or three weeks before the event, but given the timing of Deadpool & Wolverine, the stakes this movie has for Marvel, and San Diego Comic Con's own desire to bounce back from the 2023 SDCC which was plagued by the lack of major actors and writers due ot the strikes, a significant Marvel turn-out at the Southern Californian show seems like a must for both parties.

That is, unless there's a reason to skip SDCC once again that we're not aware of... which in itself, would be a story all its own.

Get ready with our guide to watching all of the Deadpool appearances - including his debut in the first Wolverine movie.

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