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You can finally stream Godzilla Minus One in case you missed it in theaters, as it stomps to Netflix

It is the first time fans have been able to see the movie since its Oscar win.

Godzilla Minus One - boat chase
Image credit: Toho

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If you heard the telltale stomping of a giant radioactive lizard, you’re not alone. Godzilla Minus One, the Academy Award-winning kaiju film, has finally found a streaming home in the West as it has just landed on Netflix. If you missed your chance to see Godzilla Minus One before it got pushed to the side so the Monsterverse version of the character could take over the box office, here is your chance to rectify that mistake.

We talked before about how Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire was probably a big reason why Godzilla Minus One was pushed out of cinemas early and hasn’t had a streaming or physical release until now. An agreement between Toho, the studio behind Japanese Godzilla movies, and Legendary Entertainment, who has been building their Monsterverse franchise into a box office juggernaut, means that they can’t directly compete with each other.

However, with both films out of cinemas, fans who missed one of the greatest kaiju films of all time can finally see why we’re all so excited to see Godzilla Minus One on Netflix. In many ways, the film is a return to Godzilla’s roots, in a post-World War II setting that grapples with the horrors of war and the devastation that Japan faced after America dropped two atomic bombs on its population. Although it won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, there is much more to Godzilla Minus One than the visuals. It is an action film with emotional weight as heavy as its massive main character.

Now we just need to wait until Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire eventually comes out on Netflix so we can have a double feature that gives us tonal whiplash.

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