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Wake Up Dead Man: New Knives Out title describes how I feel learning Benoit Blanc is back

Daniel and Rian, we've missed you so much.

Image credit: Netflix

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Look, we all knew there would be more Knives Out movies. Did you think Netflix would ever let Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig quit doing their thing? (Especially given that they paid $450 million for two more movies in the series.) But wow, we did not expect just how good it would feel to wake up on May 24 - a Friday, no less - and have the title of the third Knives Out film revealed to us. Ladies and gentlemen: Wake Up Dead Man.

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"In the beginning," Craig's Benoit Blanc narrates over the title reveal (definitely the coolest thing to start that way), "the knives came out. Then behold, the glass was shattered. But my most dangerous case yet... is about to be revealed."

That wasn't transcribed via voice type, by the way - I had it memorized after my 63rd viewing. I'm making the tattoo appointment for tomorrow.

Unfortunately, this little teaser doesn't give away much more than the title. There's a confirmation that the movie is coming out in 2025, sure, but no details on the exact date. One thing that's certainly good to hear was Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc again but, come on, we all knew that was coming.

No doubt the next question fans will have is who else will be in the movie, since both Knives Out and Glass Onion sported a cast to kill for. (Die for? It's hard to write with the teaser on loop in the background.) All we can do now is wait for that list, although it should be here soon.

2025 isn't that far off, and there's still a movie to film.

In the meantime, Knives Out is available to stream on Prime Video, with Glass Onion streaming on Netflix now.

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