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We crunched the numbers and, against our advice, more of you watched Madame Web on Netflix than in theatres

You know you can just turn things off on Netflix, right?

Madame Web
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Sit down. We need to talk. I know we talked before about how there is a good movie hidden deep beneath the surface of Madame Web, but that wasn’t permission to go watch it now that it is on Netflix. And yet, you all went out and watched it – in fact, more of you have watched Madame Web on Netflix than ever went to see it in the cinemas, despite our warnings.

We couldn’t believe it either, but when Netflix released their top ten films for the past week we had to crunch the numbers to be sure. The math doesn’t lie. Madam Web ended its theatrical run with $43 million at the US box office. Let’s say that the average movie ticket is $8 – then that equates to 5.3 million people watching it in the US. That is less than half the number of people who watched Madam Web in its first week on Netflix – which totals 10.8 million views.

Even if we take into account the worldwide box office, which was just over $100 million, the Netflix audience for this, and we cannot stress this enough, terrible movie is still very nearly the same as those who watched it in the cinemas. This raises so many questions – first and foremost in our minds is simply why? Why have so many people watched Madame Web on Netflix?

The only answer that makes any sense to us is that everyone who paid money to see it is rewatching it to find out if it is really as bad as they remember, but that doesn’t explain the fact that around 90% of those who watched the movie finished it. We promise you can turn it off. It doesn’t get better.

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