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There's a Mike Flanagan horror movie with a 93% Rotten Tomatoes score, but isn't available to watch anywhere streaming or on DVD anymore - but that could soon change

With no streaming home and no physical release, the film has become lost media already.

Hush 2016 screenshot
Image credit: Netflix

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It takes a lot to earn a near-perfect score on Rotton Tomatoes, but we shouldn’t be surprised that Mike Flanagan pulled it off. Hush, the 2016 horror film from the director, is celebrated as a modern classic in the horror genre but has been frustratingly absent from streaming services since it left Netflix in 2023. However, the director has hinted that Hush might be on its way to a new streaming home – we just don’t know where or when yet.

The lack of details is frustrating to fans of the film, who have been wanting to have an easy and legal way to watch it. Once Netflix lost the rights to Hush back in 2023, it simply disappeared. To make matters worse, there was never a physical release, there isn’t a way to actually watch the film, which was foundational in setting up Mike Flanagan as one of the best horror directors of his generation.

According to Flanagan himself, that could soon change. The director posted a Letterboxd review of The New World and fans quickly took the opportunity to ask him all sorts of questions. One fan asked about where we could stream Hush and if there would eventually be a physical release to prevent the movie from being lost forever. “We’ve found a new home for the movie and will announce more soon,” Flanagan replied. “Rest assured you’ll be very happy with the way it has turned out.”

Will Hush be returning to Netflix? That feels likely, considering that Flanagan and the streamer have had such a close relationship over the years. However, the comment lacked any details like “where” or “when” so we’ll have to be patient just a little bit longer. We won’t know for sure where we’ll be able to stream Hush until we get an official announcement.

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