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Nora Dåsnes' Cross My Heart and Never Lie in early talks for an animated movie or TV series

The award winning Norwegian coming of age graphic novel may be coming to our screens.

Cross My Heart and Never Lie cover
Image credit: Penguin Random House

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Graphic Novels and comics are becoming a major source for film and television adaptations, but it’s just not superhero stories that studios are after. One story that is in initial talks is the award-winning graphic novel, Cross My Heart and Never Lie.

At this year’s ALA Annual Conference, creator Nora Dåsnes was asked on a panel what other medium they would like to see their work adapted into. Unlike her fellow panelists, she was on her way there. She shared that there is an agency in early discussions to sell the rights in France for an animated adaptation as either a film or series.

Like any creator, Dåsnes was very excited about the prospects of seeing her work on screen.. “That is actually the best thing ever…It’s cool to think about this!”

Cross My Heart and Never Lie is a coming of age diary style graphic novel originally released in Norway. It follows a 7th grader named Tuva who finds becoming a teenager confusing. When she finds her best friends on opposite sides of whether to have a boyfriend, she doesn’t know how to react when Tuva falls in love with a girl.

Want more Dåsnes in the meantime? Don’t miss out on the sequel Save Our Forest! which arrives on July 30, 2024. It features Tuva’s best friend, Bao, who tries to prevent a parking lot being built in her favorite hangout spot.

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