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The Twilight movie cast reveal the real reason they were wearing hats in the iconic baseball scene

What’s up with the hats in Twilight’s baseball scene? Blame it on the rain.

Twilight baseball scene
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The Twilight franchise has completely changed the way we look at vampires. The best-selling books led to a series of successful movies, which showed the world that there was more to vampires than Belo Lugosi. Twilight proved that vampires can be young, hot, and weren’t too bad at sports. In fact, some vampires wear baseball caps.

No, seriously, what’s the deal with the hats from the first Twilight movie? The ones they wore during the baseball scene.

We’ve been pondering this question since 2008, and thanks to Emerald City Comic Con, we finally have an answer. Speaking at a Twilight reunion panel, the cast revealed the real reason they wore hats during the iconic baseball scene.

“It was classic real stormy dark and rainy weather. We had to shoot what we could, because it was not raining in the scene. So, it was kind of hard,” Jackson Rathbone recalled. “We got there, and we practiced this baseball scene for a week straight. We were really feeling good about it. We got there and it was raining, and everyone’s makeup was melting on their faces,” Peter Facinelli said.

“This is where the hats came from,” Ashely Greene revealed. “Honestly, I think I can speak for everyone here that we all did not know how that baseball scene was going to turn out. All the signs did not point to the epic scene that you see and know today. We were kind of worried about it. And then seeing what after editing and effects, and what [director] Catherine [Hardwicke] did, and the wonderful soundtrack, we got this incredible scene that we all kind of know and love today. But it was definitely kind of unexpected for all of us.”

“They called a timeout because it was getting so rainy, that we all ended up in this little, tiny shed together shivering,” Facinelli added. “And the first AD, which is kind of the assistant director, said to Catherine, ‘What do you want to do? Do you want to shoot another scene somewhere else because we can’t shoot outdoors,’ And she said, ‘Put hats on everyone! Put a hat on you, no hat for you, hat, hat, no hat.’ And we were like, ‘Oh god, this is not going to be good at all. We just shot all day without hats, now we have hats all of a sudden. This is like an Ed Wood set.’ We went home that day thinking, ‘I don’t think anyone’s going to see this movie.’”

Luckily, Facinelli’s prediction was wrong, and Twilight became one of the biggest box office hits of the year. “That scene was actually one of the most epic scenes ever. Sometimes you’ve got to trust your captain,” Facinelli said.

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