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Twilight Saga watch order: How to watch the fantasy romance series in order

Sparkles at the ready, but creepy baby entirely optional

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Whether you remember the vice grip that the Twilight books and films had on pop culture or if you’re discovering them for the first time, there is no denying that there has never been a franchise quite like it. It redefined fantasy romance and the young adult genres, insisting that every other work in there include a love triangle and incredibly attractive men who refuse to wear shirts. (To be fair, it's a formula that works.)

If you’d like to revisit the epic, tortured love story between Bella and Edward - as well as Jacob, the Cullens and everything else that makes up the Twilight franchise - today, creepy baby and all, then here is the best way to do it.

Twilight films in release order and chronological order

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The easiest way to watch the Twilight movies is in the order they were released. Unlike the book series they are based on, there are five films in the Twlight Saga. This is because the final book, Breaking Dawn, was split into two movies to help improve the film’s pacing. (Although that extra box office probably didn't hurt, either.) Because they were released within a year or two of each other, it is quite easy to go back and rewatch them in quick succession.

This isn’t a series that does anything fancy with its timeline – there aren’t any major flashbacks or midquels to worry about. The chronological order for the series is the same as the release order.

The release and chronological order of the Twilight films is:

Where to watch the Twilight movies

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So now that you’ve got the correct order to watch them in, which of the many streaming sites should you turn to if you want to watch the Twilight Saga films? You’ll need a Starz Play subscription to stream them. You can either do this as a stand-alone subscription or as an add-on to your Amazon Prime subscription package. Alternatively, you can rent or purchase the individual movies through Amazon's Prime Video service.

Will there be more Twilight movies?

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There are currently no plans for more Twilight movies, though that doesn’t mean the opportunity for more isn’t there. Stephanie Meyer, who wrote the original books that spawned the franchise, has been hard at work fleshing out the world with other stories in the same universe. This includes a gender-swap version of the first novel and a reimagining of that same novel from Edward’s point of view. Meyer has also announced that she is working on two new books in the series, though we haven’t seen anything beyond an official announcement.

The most solid news we’ve had about the future of the Twilight Saga comes from reports that Lionsgate, the studio that made the original movies, will be making a series based on them. Whether that means it will be a retelling of the movies in serial form or if they will be a totally new story in the same universe, we don’t know yet.

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