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You voted - here are Popverse readers' best comics of 2023

Here are your top picks for comics this year

João Pedro Schmitz
Image credit: João Pedro Schmitz (Unsplash)

2023 was Popverse's first full year in existence, and it seems like almost all the great comic creators made it a point to make us happy during it by releasing great comics.

Whether you're a Marvel/DC type of fan, someone who prefers their experience right-to-left and super-engaging, or someone who likes to read comics while hanging upside down (We see you! We're not judging!), there's been something for you.

We've already talked about our favorite comics of 2023, and we asked you to vote on yours as well. So without any further ado, your top comic of the year was Batman/Superman: World's Finest from Mark Waid and Dan Mora from DC.

World's Finest was followed up by, in order, Marvel's X-Men Red by Al Ewing and artists including Stefano Caselli, Jacopo Camagni, and Yildiray Cinar; Damn Them All by Si Spurrier and Charlie Adlard, Rachel Smythe'sLore Olympus, and Joshua Williamson and Jamal Campbell's flagship Dawn of DC title Superman.

It's been so cool to see the breadth of books from our readers and to again see that there's no overlap between our fan vote list and our own top picks. (Which isn't to say that we don't also love these books, because we do.) What a great sign of a year of fine comics.

Hopefully next year will come with even more great comics - we can't wait to read them.

As the year wind downs, it's time to look back and all you've read and watched. Popverse has picked the best movies, best comics, and best TV shows of the year.

But who really cares about what we think? This year, we had you vote for your best movies, best comics, and best TV shows of the year too. Check the lists and mix and see if you agree with our (and your) top choices of the year!