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6 honestly underrated horror movies I am begging you to watch

I'm not gonna say Hereditary! We've all seen Hereditary! I love it but "underrated' is not Hereditary!

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So you just Googled 'underrated horror movies' and the first list that came up ended with... The Shining. Believe me, I've been there - it seems like 'underrated' has lost its meaning these days. That's why I've put together this list of honestly underrated horror movies, movies that were passed over by critics and audiences that nonetheless deserve to be seen. Read on, and recommend me the ones I missed in the comment section.


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It's killer fashion in its most literal sense. Slaxx, as the name implies, is about a possessed pair of pants that's slicing through a store-full of teen retail employees. Satisfying suspense and a gooofy premise taken completely seriously by the actors, Slaxx is great even for the horror-averse in your life.

Slip into something cozy and stream Slaxx on Shudder.

Scare Me

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The history of horror begins with ghost stories told between friends, and Scare Me makes use of that history. Artists Fred and Bettina attempt to jumpstart their lagging creative visions by exchanging horror tales in a remote cabin, but what begins as fiction becomes all too real.

Grab a friend (one you really trust) and watch Scare Me on Shudder.

The Ritual

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Getting a little bit more serious with this one - The Ritual focuses on a group of friends memorializing a fallen compatriot with a hike through dark, Scandanavian woods. What they discover there is something straight ouot of mythology, but not the wise-cracking, hammer-wielding, objectively hot kind.

Say your prayers (to whom, we don't care) and check out The Ritual on Netflix.


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To this day, Skinamarink was the most frightened I have ever been in a theater. It's like found footage in its aesthetic, but also hypersurreal in its content, like a Blair Witch by David Lynch. This movie has almost no plot, but what it lacks in story, in more than makes up for in scares.

Make sure of your surroundings and experience the horror of Skinamarink on Shudder.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow

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The idea of a small-town sheriff brushing up against the supernatural is not new in horror by any means, but no horror film has done it like The Wolf of Snow Hollow. It's a darkly funny movie, with some endearing Fargo-like characters and an impactful meditation on alcoholism. And not to spoil anything, but the "monster reveal" of this movie is one of the best in recent memory.

Check that your doors are locked and rent The Wolf of Snow Hollow on Apple TV.

May the Devil Take You Too

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This one's for the gore-hounds. May the Devil Take You and its sequel, May the Devil Take You Too, are crassly reverant homages to Sam Raimi's Evil Dead movies, notched up by some wild blood-and-guts effects with great makeup to boot. I would recommend both films, however, I couldn't seem to find tthe first one anywhere onlne as of this writing.

Don't worry, though, as someone who started with the second movie, I can guarantee it's a great place to begin.

Invite May the Devil Take You Too into your life by visiting Shudder.

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