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Daniel Craig is back as Benoit Blanc in Wake Up Dead Man - Here's everything there is to know about Knives Out 3

Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig are bringing Benoit Blanc back for his deadliest case yet - here's what we know about the cast, plot, and release date

Wake Up Dead Man
Image credit: Netflix

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The murder mystery never dies, ironically, but you can't deny that the Knives Out films have brought about a kind of resurrection. In an age of high-flying superheroics and galaxy-spanning sagas, an Agatha Christie-style detective drama has managed to take the country by storm.

Now, we're staring down the barrel (gulp) of a third entry to the series starring genteel gumshoe Benoit Blanc, and since we appreciate a good investigation ourselves, we've stitched together every clue we have about the upcoming film. Sit back, pull out your magnifying class, and see what we've come up with.

The Knives Out 3 Title

We've known about a third Knives Out film since September of 2022, but it wasn't until late May 2024 that Netflix unveiled the title, and it a pretty stylish manner. Watch the first teaser for Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery, below.

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Pretty exciting stuff! That voice you hear is Daniel Craig, as you certainly already know, who is returning as super sleuth Benoit Blanc. And since a detective is nothing without a cast of could-be whodidits...

Who's in the Wake Up Dead Man cast?

Like theater kids ahead of the spring musical, Knives Out fans are all about that cast list. So far, both entries into the series have stuffed the films with celebrities, eliciting stand-out performances from actors with already remarkable careers - Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Kate Hudson, and Dave Bautista among them. Now, a new legion of A-listers is on Benoit Blanc's list of suspects, and we've recorded them here:

  • Josh O'Connor
  • Cailee Spaeny
  • Andrew Scott
  • Kerry Washington
  • Glenn Close
  • Jeremy Renner
  • Mila Kunis
  • Josh Brolin
  • Daryl McCormack
  • Thomas Haden Church

Whether this list is complete is anyone's guess; so too is whether actor Noah Segan will appear in this third film, having appeared in both of its predecessors. And hey, as the many satusfying Glass Onion cameos prove, we may not know this casts in its entirety until opening day.

What is Wake Up Dead Man about?

Image credit: Netflix

On the subject of things we don't know about - the plot for Wake Up Dead Man is as tight as ther coffin lid in Netflix's first teaser. Absolutely no details of a crime or how Benoit Blanc gets involved have been released, but that's not to say we don't know anything abouot the story.

On May 24, the same day Netflix revealed the title of the film, Johnson made the following post on his Twitter/X account.

Image credit: Rian Johnson, Twitter

Johnson followed that up with another tweet saying "[...] I’m very, very excited to share the title, which gives a little hint of where it’s going." This, combined with Blanc's assertation in the above teaser that the movie will be his "most dangerous case yet," seems to signal a decidedly darker tone than the previous films.

Either that or vampires, and either way, I am absolutely on board.

Where is the Wake Up Dead Man trailer?

Sad to say it, but there isn't a trailer for the movie yet, just that text-only, Daniel Craig narrated teaser I posted above. Hopefully it won't be long until another, more people-populated video drops.

What's Wake Up Dead Man's release date?

Image credit: Netflix

In terms of official announcements, "2025" is the only timeframe we've got to go on, again due to the teaser video release May 24. However, both Knives Out and Glass Onion came to theaters (in 2019 and 2022, respectively), right around the end of November. It's speculaion for sure, but if Wake up Dead Man were to follow suit and be in theaters for Thanksgiving 2025, it wouldn't be that much of a shock.

Then again, twists are kind of this franchise's whole deal.

Rian Johnson has a knack for mysteries with style. Kind of makes him the perfect choice to reboot Scooby Doo, wouldn't you say?

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