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Yes, there's going to be a DOGE movie

underDOGE is coming, and it's going to explain everything you want to know (and more) about the iconic meme

Image credit: Jon Lynn

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Kabosu, the Shiba Inu rescue dog that became an iconic online presence a decade ago, sadly passed away last week at 18 years old, but she’ll live on forever — not just as the smiling face for an aging internet demographic, but in a new documentary that looks at life behind the meme.

Directed by Jon Lynn, underDOGE isn’t just a look at the real life of Kabosu and owner Atsuko; it’s also an investigation into meme culture, the origins of the DOGE meme, and its connection to cryptocurrency — as well as some of the more positive connections to emerge from the meme, as well.

"Since becoming a meme, Kabosu the Shiba Inu has made a lasting impact with her story epitomizing the ‘underdog’ spirit," Joel Chiodi, head of documentaries for studio Scout Productions, said in a statement about the project. "We’ve been following Kabosu since her earliest days as a meme to her final hours, capturing iconic moments with her and the community she spawned, traveling to Japan, Italy, and here in the US. This exclusive footage, never before seen, is a testament to Kabosu's journey from adopted rescue pup to viral sensation, sparking a digital revolution that has moved an entire nation."

More details about the documentary will be released as it nears release, according to the studio; we can only hope that it’s something that will be both heartwarming and educational in equal measure… well, maybe a little bit more heartwarming. I mean, look at Kabosu’s face, after all. There’s a reason we all fell in love with her in the first place.

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