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My Adventures with Superman returns for its second season May 25 on Adult Swim

New episodes will be added to Max the day after Adult Swim broadcast

My Adventures with Superman Season 2
Image credit: Adult Swim

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The first season of Adult Swim’s My Adventures with Superman — the fun re-imagining of DC’s Man of Steel mythos that harkens back to the earliest days of Clark Kent and his alter ego in Metropolis, with a particular focus on the friendship between (and careers of) Clark, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen — only finished back in September 2023, but we probably shouldn’t be too surprised that the new season is just weeks away from debuting. After all, this is a show that we should expect to be faster than a speeding bullet.

As announced to accompany the release of a new trailer for the show’s second season — which you can see below — My Adventures with Superman will return to Adult Swim with a double-episode premiere at midnight on May 25, with new episodes being added to streaming service Max the next day.

The debut date for the new season means that it will actually begun before the June 4 launch of DC’s tie-in comic book series, written by the show’s Josie Campbell, which was announced as bridging the gap between the two seasons. (This is by no means a complaint: more My Adventures with Superman is a good thing in whatever shape, form, or continuity it appears.)

Take a look at the trailer below to see what’s lying in wait for our Metropolis favorites — because, as it reveals, there’s another iconic character who looks set to shake things up with the assistance of Amanda Waller this time around…!

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My Adventures with Superman season 2 begins May 25 on Adult Swim, May 26 on Max.

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