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My Hero Academia’s Luci Christian talks her favorite VO roles

Full Metal Panic, Princess Tutu, and more are discussed

My Hero Academia, One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, and Clannad. These are just some of the series voice actor Luci Christian has portrayed throughout a long standing voice over career in anime, animation, and video games. Luci has been able to voice many new characters, while also being able to step back into familair roles for series that come out with new seasons years after the previous seasons have aired, such as continuing as the voice of Chihaya Ayase in Chihayafuru.

With many roles under her belt, Poverse’s own Veronica Valencia caught up with Luci to discuss those characters, and even chat about a personal favorite and iconic series, Full Metal Panic.

“Full Metal Panic is one of my personal favorites, it was my first lead role,” Luci tells Popverse. “I truly think that show has so many of the best qualities. You’ve got your mecha, you’ve got your comedy, you’ve got your high school drama, you’ve got your romance. It’s so super fun.”

Here is our full interview with Luci Christian:

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