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One Piece voice actors talk about the anime's big run and its upcoming finale at Florida Supercon

Colleen Clinkenbeard (Luffy), Luci Christian (Nami), Sonny Strait (Usopp), and Ian Sinclair (Brook) talk One Piece

With over 1000 episodes under its belt and a finale on its way, the seminal anime series One Piece has landed on the shores of Miami Beach, Florida. Here at the 2022 Florida Supercon, we will be joined by the cast of the spirited pirate anime to talk about the show, the upcoming finale, and share some fun stories.

One Piece voice actors Colleen Clinkenbeard (Luffy), Luci Christian (Nami), Sonny Strait (Usopp), and Ian Sinclair (Brook) will be here with us - and have already signed hundreds of autographs for fans here at Miami Beach Convention Center.

As part of Popverse's coverage of Florida Supercon, we are liveblogging this panel - as well as several others throughout the weekend. So sit back and let us give you the live play-by-play about Florida Supercon's One Piece panel.

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Our live coverage of this event has finished.

Hello everyone! We're here at Florida Supercon's One Piece panel. It's about to begin!
And we start with our moderator, Patty Collins. "Thank you all for joining us today!"
Joining us first is the voice of Usopp - Sonny Strait!
Next up is the navigator Nami - Luci Christian!
Now we have Ian Sinclair, the voice of Brook!
And the audience favorite of the show - Colleen Clinkenbeard, the voice of Luffy!
First up the four cast members are talking about the origins of One Piece, and how they were cast. Ian says that the approvals had to be done by the origin studio in Japan, and it took months of auditions.
"I don't know about y'all, but after the 1000th episode I've become more thankful of every episode," says Sinclair.
Sinclair said he did so many background One Piece characters before getting the major role of Brook.
Sinclair said when he went for the Brook audition, he tried "so hard" to sound like the Japanese actor who voiced the role originally.
"There are veteran voice actors who have cursed me out for getting Brook," Says Sinclair.
Colleen polled the audience to find out who started watching One Piece during the pandemic, and a good chunk of the audience - about 20% - raised their hands.
Colleen says she's taking bets with the crew on the number of episodes left until the finale.
"My bet is on 1250 episodes. That's where I got my flag," says Clinkenbeard. "With the final recording being June 30, 2025."
Strait says he'll put $25 on June 28, 2032 (June 28 is his birthday).
Talk then turns to the home studios they set up to record One Piece during the pandemic. Colleen and Luci says they record in their closets, while Ian says he records in a room under his stairs like Harry Potter.
Ian says he uses sound-proofing from where they recorded early episodes of Dragonball Z, as its "history."
When asked about a scene or moment during One Piece that gave them the giggles, Ian said "I Haven't gone back and watched my stuff in One Piece, but by how much I giggle at what Brook says I'll laugh when I do."
Strait says he assumed Usopp would be the clown of the show, but when he was recording a sad moment he began crying in the booth and realized the show had become a special part of him.
"I laugh the most with Mike McFarland, although I love working with Anthony Bolling," says Colleen. "Over the gags - the gags that have persisted for lots of arcs."
"When I started with Usopp, I asked does this character scream with every statement? I was told no, but boy years later..." Strait says, with a laugh.
Strait says he actually had to drop out of My Hero Academia due to the strenuous voicewor between his characters on both shows.
Colleen says she's very cognizant of stressing out her voice, and tries to pace herself so she can do Luffy all the way through to the end.
"If I don't warm up ahead of time, I won't last an hour," says Strait.
"My warm up is 'La la la' and then I'm ready," says Colleen.
When asked about their favorite memory, Strait says "this right here. You people here... and that's not just because I'm trying to get applause."
"It's this era of One Piece," says Colleen. "When we get together and talk about it, we get that magnetic 'so excited' feeling that's completely aided by Anthony Bolling - who is a mega-fan."
"It's a wonderful time to be working on this," says Luci. "I'm so excited for the Red movie, and the live aciton."
Mention of the live-action film got some boos from the audience, but Luci struck back and expressed her sincere fandom about the actors and the sets that have been shown.
Luci says on a personal note, "because we went out of order, I did not know alot of things - until we went back I got to live through it, I didn't realize they were family."
Strait mentioned that there was a years-long hiatus for recording for them, and when they learned they were coming back to record more there was a group text exclaiming 'We're going back on the boat!'
Sinclair brought up stretching abilities in live-action, from the current Ms. Marvel to Reed Richards, and now with the coming live-action One Piece film.
Next question - if you had the opportunity to do another One Piece character, what would it be.
Colleen says she thought she was auditioning for the role of Robin originally.
Strait says he doesn't know what other characters he'd be besides Usopp - but Sinclair chimed in that he'd be a good Brook, then they joked about switching roles.
Luci says she'd be anybody, and the cast agrees she could be anybody.
"Villains would be fun to play, " says Strait.
Luci brings up she feels Carrot should be a Straw Hat.
"One of the coolest things I've felt about being in the show is I'm living the arcs as they happen," says Ian, as opposed to reading ahead with the manga.
"I get viscerally angry at whomever I am yelling out; not the character, the actor," says Colleen. "There was a period where I was very mad at Eric Vale."
Colleen says the hardest part of the Luffy role is the sustained screaming Luffy sometimes does.
Last question from moderator is about advice on voice acting.
Sonny says "get a real degree, just in case."
Luci says its important to get into acting as a whole, then specialize in voice acting.
"Don't get a theater degree; take some acting classes and get a marketing degree," says Ian.
His fellow cast members agree, talking about managing their careers.
Time for fan questions!
Fan Q: If you could have a devil fruit besdies your own, what would it be?
Colleen: It'd be Robin's.
Sonny says Luffy's powers is awesome.
Ian says fire powers.
Fan Q: If you were locked in a hotel room with your character, how long would you last?
Luci: I think we would do fine. But how long, as long as she has enough money and room service we'd hole up there for a long time.
Sonny: I think I could deal with Usopp, but at some point I'd have to talk to him about the yelling. So about an hour.
Ian: I love Brook. I have no trouble - I say that, but then he'd spill coffee on me. I love that dude.
Colleen: I think I would bore Luffy to tears. I think as long as the meal lasted, we'd be okay as we both enjoy banquets.
Fan Q: If you had powers or weapons from your characters in your real life, how would you use them?
Ian: I have learned how to slingshot during the pandemic. If you see Usopp's slingshot online, let me know.
Colleen: I would 100% use it to eat as much as I want.
Ian: I think I'd troll people. 'He's dead!'
Fan Q: What has been your moment to voice act in any arc?
Sonny: It was when I cried, but the second was when I had to fight Luffy. It was heart-wrenching but awesome.
Ian: The fight with Big Mom.
Colleen: I loved loved loved playing oars. I would do that for a long time. I was very sad the day I came in and was told it was over.
Sonny: I also liked singing that sniper king song.
Sonny talks about how One Piece has the best filler episodes, which Ian agrees with - bringing up the drag episode.
Fan Q: What is your favorite One Piece adventure?
Ian, Colleen, and Luci all agree that its Whole Cake.
Sonny says for him it'd be Water Seven.
Fan Q: In your opinion, what is the most useful devil fruit power you could have?
Coleen says teleportation. Sonny jokes about the horse fruit, which turns you into a pegasus.
Ian brings up that a fan told him that Brook will be the one who outlives all the other characters, and will likely bury them - which illicited a collective 'awwwwww....' from the audience and the voice actors on stage.
And that's it for the panel. Thank you everyone for following along!