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NCIS Season 21 finale date: The final episode of the CBS staple's new season is fast approaching

How long will it last? As long as people keep watching.

NCIS season 21 screenshot
Image credit: CBS

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If NCIS were a person, it would be old enough to drink in the US, which is a wild thought to have. As its 21st season – yes, that is how long the show has been going – comes to a close, we’re looking forward to how the producers will cap off such an astounding accomplishment, but when is the NCIS season 21 finale due to air?

Due to the Hollywood strikes of 2023, NCIS season 21 has been the shortest outing for the show so far. With just 10 episodes in total, it only started in February 2024. The NCIS season 21 finale will air on May 6, 2024 with an episode titled 'Reef Madness'.

This season of the show has been remarkable not only because it is so short but also because it contains the 1000th episode in the NCIS franchise, which aired on April 15. That is 1000 episodes between NCIS and its five spin-off shows. That isn’t even including the upcoming NCIS: Origins spin-off that is due to begin airing this Fall, plus the fact that CBS has already renewed the original NCIS for a 22nd season and that a Ziva and Tony spinoff in the works.

What is really remarkable about NCIS’ incredible run is that there is only one original cast member still in the show, which usually spells death for any network show. The fact that NCIS has managed to not only carry on but thrive for multiple seasons following its main cast departure is genuinely remarkable.

The NCIS season 21 finale is set to air on May 6, 2024 on CBS.

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