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Netflix's new hit The Sandman spinoff was the talk of Fate: The Winx Saga's dressing rooms, even before one of them was cast in the show

One of the stars only heard about his next role because he kept getting asked to read for it.

Dead Boy Detective character Charles
Image credit: Netflix

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The thing about being an actor is that you tend to spend a lot of your time around other actors who are constantly talking about what roles they are trying to book. It isn’t uncommon to read opposite each other to ahead of auditions, especially during downtime on set. For one actor in Netflix’s Dead Boy Detectives, that was how he found out about The Sandman spinoff in the first place.

Jayden Revri was completely unaware of Dead Boy Detectives until his castmates on Fate: The Winx Saga started auditioning for it. “I remember reading in for some of my other co-stars who were auditioning for the role of Charles and thinking like, this character just speaks to me on a different kind of wave that I can’t even describe to you, really,” he explained in an interview with Wonderland Magazine. “It was just like I knew that I had to read for this role.”

Revri wasn’t the only one who suddenly became aware of Dead Boy Detectives and wanted to get him into the Netflix show. “I literally went to call my agent because I had a tape for something else at the time, and just as I was about to tap his name on my phone, he started calling me.” His agent had already booked the actor in to audition for Charles. Within a few weeks, Revri was set to play Charles.

The whole story is a testament to how important it is for actors to be open to new opportunities when they present themselves. Also, we expect his castmates are going to be a bit more careful who they prep for auditions with – you never know who might end up in the role instead of you.

The complete first season of Dead Boy Detectives, the first spin-off from Netflix’s The Sandman series, is currently available for streaming.

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