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Netflix's live-action My Hero Academia adaptation is "a big one" according to writer Joby Harold

Here's hoping for another One Piece-sized hit.

My Hero Academia - Izuku
Image credit: Crunchyroll

After the breakout success of One Piece earlier this year at Netflix and other live-action adaptations of famous mangas/animes in development at the streamer, My Hero Academia could very well be the next big win in that space. The anime's got a huge following, and turning it into a movie versus a regular show might be the right move. Now, we've received a promising update from one of the creatives behind it.

While talking Monarch: Legacy of Monsters with Collider, executive producer Joby Harold (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Army of the Dead), who's a writer on the MHA project, shared an update regarding the movie that Netflix announced last year: "It is something I'm working on and loving working on. I'm excited to do it and get it out there. It’s a big one." It comes as no surprise that Netflix is fast-tracking this one; animated movies and shows, as well as live-action adaptations, are quickly becoming one of the platform's main attractions. There's a hunger for more of that, and with interest in the superhero genre dwindling, video game and anime adaptations might be the next big thing for Hollywood's biggest studios.

Ironically, My Hero Academia is a superhero story. Here's the synopsis shared by Netflix last year (we're guessing they're planning to stick close to the source material):

My Hero Academia follows Izuku Midoriya (AKA Deku), a young high school student with an unfortunate flaw: Unlike 80% of the world’s population, he has no quirk. In a world of superpowered schools and larger-than-life heroes, it’s a death sentence for his social life. But when Izuku has a chance encounter with top-ranked hero All Might, he might just have a shot at achieving his greatest dream: a spot at the prestigious U.A. Academy.

When asked to share something more about the project, Harold kept things vague: "I can speak to the fact that it is live-action and I think that's probably all I can speak to, but it's a big deal in my life. I'm really enjoying it... It's amazing. It's an amazing opportunity and I'm really excited about it." Yeah, there isn't much there, but considering he's been part of some pretty big IP projects already (namely Star Wars and Transformers), it's a big deal that he sounds so enthusiastic about this one.

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