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Netflix's live action Yu Yu Hakusho series aims to deliver the best bits of the anime as quickly as possible

All the hits and none of the filler

Karasu in Yu Yu Hakusho live action
Image credit: Netflix

We’ve been waiting years to see Netflix’s take on legendary Shonen anime Yu Yu Hakusho, but that wait is nearly over. With the live-action adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi’s iconic manga ready to drop in just over a week, the marketing team has released a second trailer to really amp up the hype.

Expectations are high for Yu Yu Hakusho since the Netflix live-action One Piece show was a surprisingly charming and faithful adaptation of the source material. With over 1000 episodes to adapt, One Piece took it surprisingly slow while still fixing many of the pacing issues the original manga had. However, it looks like Yu Yu Hakusho is going to take a different approach and fast-forward through the first several story arcs at breakneck speed.

Fans of the original anime will recognize several important moments from the show in this trailer, which is much heavier on plot than the first one. We already knew that the show would likely adapt the entirety of the Spirit Detective Saga, but it looks like it will make a go at covering the popular Dark Tournament Saga as well, judging by the inclusion of Karasu, who doesn’t make an appearance until the Dark Tournament has already started, in this trailer.

Netflix could be taking a page from One Piece’s playbook and introducing characters like Karasu and Bui much earlier than the source material. It could be that both characters play a minor role in the final episode of the show to set up the events of a future season, but even that would leave a lot for this season to cover in a handful of episodes. Still, One Piece gave us hope that Netflix can pull it off so we’re still excited to see what they give us. Even if it is bad, we can always enjoy the original anime on Crunchyroll, right?

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