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Netflix's Love is Blind star Brett Brown spills his heart about anime, video games, and his secret origin

The season 4 star tells all about his humbling experience on the Netflix reality show, and lots more

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Love may be blind, but it’s hard to miss that there are all manner of reasons to adore Love is Blind season 4’s Brett Brown — and Popverse’s own Ashley Victoria Robinson is here to make sure that you discover as many of them as possible in an extended interview with the man who melted the hearts of Netflix viewers around the world.

What is Brett’s secret origin? (And why would he rather talk about what super power he wishes he had, instead?) What is behind his love of anime? Which video games is he obsessed with? Why do we all have a sudden urge to break into his closet and find his cardboard box of every drawing he’s done since middle school? (Okay, that one’s simply to admire his ability to keep everything in his life so organized and hopefully discover the secret to doing so ourselves, we admit.) All of these questions are answered in the video above, along with this most important one of all: what does Brett say that Ashley describes as the “most beautiful thing anyone’s ever said to me in an interview”?

Yeah, now you’re curious.

Along the way, Brett also talks about his approach to creativity today — he’s worked in video games and designed sneakers! This man knows his stuff — and, of course, his experience on the hit Netflix dating show. “So much of my perception, and how people viewed me — whether it’s other cast mates [of other people] — it’s humbling,” he says.

Watch the video above for the full 22-minute conversation, but be warned: if you don’t already love Brett Brown yourself, you’re going to by the time the video is over.

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