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"Never a dull moment!" NYCC' 22 audiences watched the very first teaser for Star Trek: Discovery's 5th season

Star Trek: Discovery debuted its first look at the fifth season of the show at New York Comic Con 2022 on Saturday afternoon

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Fans at the Star Trek Universe panel at New York Comic Con 2022 got a sneak peek at the next season of the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Discovery with panelists bringing a surprise to the 90-minute panel: the first teaser for the show’s Season Five.

Fast-cut and featuring the familiar crew in a variety of different locations — a forest setting, a desert market, and a dark space that our heroes are prowling around, phasers drawn — the teaser didn’t reveal any specific plot points, but did feature the recurring image of a mystery box, while a voiceover told both the audience and Captain Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) alike, “the greatest treasure in our galaxy is out there. What are you waiting for?” It’s worth saying, the teaser also featured Burnham literally riding the top of a starship while it’s in warp, making Burnham’s closing dialogue more purposeful: “Whoa! Never a dull moment!”

Of the panelists on stage for the Discovery portion of the panel — cast members Martin-Green, Anthony Rapp, and Wilson Cruz, alongside executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Michelle Paradise, and Rod Roddenberry — everyone expressed their joy and pride at being part of the show.

“It’s profound, I hope I make my parents proud, and I hope I make my children proud, as well,” Martin-Green told the assembled audience. Wilson Cruz told the assembled audiences that “it’s been an honor” to make the show and watch the characters and actors alike go through their own individual journeys and growth throughout their time making the show.

“Every season, we have a bit of a shift in tone,” Cruz said, “and this season even more so. We’re on an adventure, truly an adventure.” There’s a central mystery to the season that everyone on the crew of the Discovery has to come together to solve. “I think it’s the best season we’ve had.”

“We have a very consistent throughline, and that throughline is watching our characters evolve,” added executive producer Alex Kurtzman. “The title Discovery was chosen intentionally.”

“Every character is meeting themselves; there’s a confrontation with themselves… in a new way, in a deeper way than we’ve ever seen,” Martin-Green added. When asked about the relationship between her character and David Ajala’s Book in the new season, she said simply, “Oh, hi. It’s complicated, like that old Facebook status.”

“We’re all really excited for you guys to see this season,” she said. “It’s deep.”

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