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The next Law & Order series arrives this month and is exclusive to Canada

The latest entry in the long-running TV franchise won't be available in the US (at least initially)

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent
Image credit: Citytv

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Sure, the US-based new seasons of Law & Order have already started airing this year, but a new, fourth series in the franchise is about to begin. Problem is, its availability will be limited.

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent is right around the corner, focusing once again on the crime stories that you'd usually find in headlines. It's not the first time the 'Criminal Intent' title has been used in the franchise, as many viewers surely remember the sizable Vincent D'Onofrio-led show that ran from 2001 to 2011. Before we dive deeper into the details, you can watch a TV spot for the all-new series below:

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Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent is being presented as more of a 'psychological thriller' wrapped in the type of criminal investigation which fans of the long-running Law & Order series love so much. This iteration follows an elite squad of detectives who investigate high-profile crime and corruption in metro Toronto, Canada.

The cast of regulars includes (but isn't limited to): Aden Young as Det. Sgt. Henry Graff, Kathleen Munroe as Det. Sgt. Frankie Bateman, Karen Robinson as Insp. Vivienne Holness, K.C. Collins as Deputy Crown Attorney Theo Forrester, Nicola Correia-Damude as Dr. Lucy Da Silva, Araya Mengesha as Mark Yohannes, and Tammy Isbell as Detective Alice Riley.

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent's pilot episode will air Thursday, February 22, at 8pm ET, about one month after the US-based ongoing shows returned to NBC. As we teased above, however, this new entry in the Law & Order 'universe' will be limited to CityTV for the foreseeable future, though we wouldn't rule out streaming options in the US after its broadcast run has ended.

The Canada-based Law & Order series is the second English-language international entry in Dick Wolf's renowned TV franchise. Law & Order: UK ran from 2009 to 2014 on ITV, and later some seasons came to BBC America.

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