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An exclusive first look inside Marvel's New Mutants 40th anniversary special

Inside September's New Mutants #30

New Mutants #30
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the debut of the legendary New Mutants run from Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod with a supersized issue. Debuting September 21, New Mutants #30 will be an anthology by current writer Vita Ayala and a variety of guest artists - as well as a Deadpool story by the new Deadpool writer Alyssa Wong.

Popverse has an exclusive preview of a story from all five of the stories in New Mutants #30. Take a look, then look below for a breakdown of who's working on what:

Here's a rundown of each story:

  • Story A featuring Sunspot by Ayala, artist Alex Lins, and colorist Bryan Valenza
  • Story B featuring Warlock by Ayala, penciller Emma Kubert, inker Roberto Poggi, and colorist Antonio Fabella
  • Story C featuring Karma by Ayala and artist Jason Loo
  • Story D featuring Moonstar by Ayala, artist Justin Mason, and colorist Bryan Valenza
  • Story E featuring Deadpool by Wong, artist Geoff Shaw, and colorist Nolan Woodard
New Mutants 30 variant. Art: Bob McLeod

New Mutants #30 will feature a main cover by Rafael de Latorre, along with a variant by New New Mutants co-creator Bob McLeod.

“Our New Mutants have gone through so many changes over the decades that I often didn't recognize them as the same characters we created," sayd McLeod. "So I was very pleased to get the chance to come full circle and do a variant cover homage to their very first published appearance on the cover of Amazing Heroes #16. I hope fans continue to enjoy them for another 40 years!”

And looking even further ahead, the 200th issue of New Mutants (between the four volumes and not counting specials, annuals, and one shots) is just seven issues after September's #30. At a monthly clip, that would be New Mutants #37 in April 2023; of course, they could do some Marvel math and count one-shots such as their debut in Marvel Graphic Novel #4 to make it even sooner. So we may get another milestone issue of New Mutants coming up— who knows?

New Mutants #30 hits stands September 21.

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