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Nicole Kidman's original AMC ad has been seen around 400 million times, according to AMC CEO

AMC CEO Adam Aron chatted the viral advertising campaign during a thinktank at CinemaCon 2024

Nicole Kidman in AMC ad
Image credit: AMC

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One of the most iconic movie advertisements of all time (or at least of the past few years) has got to be Nicole Kidman’s extremely camp AMC advertisement in which the actress (wearing a glittering pinstripe suit) extolls the many virtues of the theatrical experience. Over the past few years, the ad, which played before each AMC film, has achieved legendary status, with Kidman's sparkly suit even going on auction for charity. But if you’ve recently gone to an AMC, you may have noticed something a little different.

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You wouldn't be the only one. At a CinemaCon thinktank this year, Puck’s Matthew Belloni asked AMC CEO Adam Aron what happened to the legendary line, which seems to be missing from the ad as it is running now. (The legendary line in question of course being “Somehow heartbreak feels good in a place like this.”)

Aron answered that the line wasn’t cut – at least not completely. In fact, there are currently three different Nicole Kidman ads running before movies at AMC, each running 30 seconds in contrast to the original ad's 60 seconds. According to Aron, the company had worried that after the same commercial played over and over again, audiences would get tired of it. "It'd been seen in our theaters like 350 million times," Aron said. Later on in the week, Aron confirmed to Popverse that the number was "more like 400 million." Either way, it's been seen a whole lot.

But whether or not the audience has gotten burned out on the whole thing? According to Belloni the commercial only gets better with every rewatch, and this writer agrees.

You can buy Nicole Kidman's sparkly AMC suit... if you have $5,000 to $10,000 .

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